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Welcome to Shamba Shape Up Uganda! We’re in Bukalasa village in Masaka and today our farmers are Juliet Nakalemba and her brother Stephen Kiseka Naboke. Juliet is a writer and a secretary and Stephen used to work in electronics until covid struck. The family has 6 acres of land and their father has given them four acres for their projects Farming is in the blood of the siblings, but now they want to go commercial. They have planted 1000 coffee trees togetherJuliet wants to start a piggery and Stephen is passionate about passion fruit and has two plantations. Juliet finances the project and Stephen manages the farm, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. In this farm we are learning about: 1. How to manage Young Coffee plantation 2. How to protect pigs from swine fever 3. Passion fruit farming 4. Basics of bookkeeping

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