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African Tales - The two vehicles

African Tales is an extract from KnowZone Std 4 Episode 4 It is a story about two different vehicles

African Tales - Tumaini the Ant

African Tales is an extract from KnowZone Std 4 Episode 6 It is a story about Tumaini the Ant who can't decide what he want to be when he grows up.

African Tales - Ostrich and Hyena

African Tales is an extract from KnowZone Std 4 Episode 2 It is a story involving the Ostrich and hyena.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 30 - CHRISTMAS

➢ Cool Words: NOISE OF CREATURES ➢ Hot Numbers: ALGEBRA ➢ Out There: Maspeedy and the junction juniors throw a party for the Boma rescue center children and they have a nice time together. ➢ Wild Zone: CORAL REEF ➢ Art Zone: MONSTER FROM A CUP – M ➢ African Tales: KIJALA’S CHRISTMAS ➢ Junction juniors: Its Christmas time and the JJ plan to go collecting x-mas gifts for the idp camp children. Lots of people in makutano are supportive apart from Teacher Benson. He later learns that x-mas is about giving and sharing.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 29 - TOURISM

➢ Cool Words: WRITING A LETTER ➢ Hot Numbers: TIME: CONVERTING ➢ Out There: Maspeedy visits the amboseli national park and spends sometime watching the big five. He also takes us through other tourist attraction points like the tsavo West underground chambers to observe the swimming fish, the lake Nakuru for the fabulous pink flamingos. ➢ Wild Zone: TOURISM ➢ Art Zone: TOTEM POLE – M ➢ African Tales: JIM COMES TO AFRICA ➢ Junction juniors: Makutano is a such a boring place.No tourist attraction points.Then, The JJ discover a rock art in makutano and an expert visits Makutano.The JJ are happy and decide to write to friends and talk more about their findings.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 28 - INDUSTRY

➢ Cool Words: SIMILIES ➢ Hot Numbers: CONVERT MINUTES - HOURS ➢ Out There: Maspeedy takes us through the Naivasha flower farm and takes us through the process of planting and taking care of flowers until the time they are exported. ➢ Wild Zone: QUELEA ➢ Art Zone: SPIDERS – M ➢ African Tales: WHY DOGS HAVE NO HORNS ➢ Junction juniors:

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 27 - CLIMATE & DISASTER

➢ Cool Words: SUBSTITUTION TABLE ➢ Hot Numbers: TELLING THE TIME ➢ Out There: Mapseedy visits the maasai community in bisil, the dams are dry and people have to walk long distances searching for water for themselves and cattle. Maspeedy learns that despite all this , people are shamelessly still cutting down trees, burning charcoal and this is affecting the water cycle. Also, maspeedy takes us to the meteorological center and takes us through the weather instruments e.g. rain gauge, windvane, thermometer. ➢ Wild Zone: HOT SPRINGS ➢ Art Zone: IN A FOLD – P ➢ African Tales: CLIMATE CHANGE ➢ Junction juniors:

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 26 - ANIMALS

➢ Cool Words: COLLECTIVE NOUNS ➢ Hot Numbers: EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS ➢ Out There: KWS RANGER ➢ Wild Zone: BAT-EARRED FOX ➢ Art Zone: BAT MAN – P ➢ African Tales: HOW CHICKENS ENDED UP IN OUR HOMES ➢ Junction juniors: Maspeedy has lost one of his cows and he has taken the other to the junction juniors to take care of it while he searches for the lost one. Unfortunately, it disappears too and the JJ [except bakari ] go looking for it in the woods where they meet the bullies who are scaring them with every move they make with animal sounds. They give up, go back to the hideout, Bakaki is there with the cow.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 25 - COMMUNICATION

➢ Cool Words: ADVERBS OF REASON ➢ Hot Numbers: MULTIPLY 2 DIGITS ➢ Out There: POSTA ➢ Wild Zone: DUNG BEETLES ➢ Art Zone: JUST A BAND – P ➢ African Tales: THE LETTER OF DOOM ➢ Junction juniors:

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 24 - ACCIDENTS AND ROAD SAFETY

➢ Cool Words: ADVERBS OF MANNER ➢ Hot Numbers: GEOMETRY - ANGLES ➢ Out There: ACCIDENTS AND ROAD SAFETY ➢ Wild Zone: ZEBRA ➢ Art Zone: TOILET ROLL HUMANS – P ➢ African Tales: In the Land of the Kitchen ➢ Junction juniors: There is a lot of careless driving in Makutano, which is evidently putting the peoples lives at risk, especially the children. The JJ gets fed up and erects handmade signposts to warn the motorists. This catches teacher Pendo’s eye and she finally talks to the authority about the road signs and the JJ are promised a long-term solution.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 23 - DISEASES

➢ Cool Words: COUNTABLE NOUNS ➢ Hot Numbers: LONG DIVISION ➢ Out There: ST GERTRUDES ➢ Wild Zone: GROUND HORNBILLS ➢ Art Zone: SPOON PUPPETS - M ➢ African Tales: SIMBA AND THE THREE BULLS ➢ Junction juniors: The JJs have gone camping. Babu gets sick and they rush him to the health center for treatment. When they return the Bullies have stolen their food. The bullies also get sick and the JJ takes them to the health center. Nurse Kate explains to them the importance of visiting the hospital when one is sick for check ups and also observing cleanliness e.g. washing hands and fruits before eating.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 22 - PLAY THINGS

➢ Cool Words: COMPOUND WORDS ➢ Hot Numbers: TABLES & GRAPHS ➢ Out There: BOMA RESCUE CENTRE ➢ Wild Zone: DWARF MONGOOSE ➢ Art Zone: TEXTILE DANCE SKIRT – M ➢ African Tales: THE MAGIC DOLL ➢ Junction juniors: The JJ makes a toy cart to help leleti and her family move. The bullies steal it but they JJ manage to win it back.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 21 - WORKSHOP

➢ Cool Words: PRESENT PERFECT CONT’ ➢ Hot Numbers: MASS - LITRE / KG ➢ Out There: KITENGELA GLASS ➢ Wild Zone: SOIL EATERS ➢ Art Zone: MONOPRINT GUEST – M ➢ African Tales: THE HYENA AND THE LADDER ➢ Junction juniors: The JJ boys have the perception that girls can’t do workshop activities, because they are meant for men. The JJ girls challenge the boys to do cleaning while they fix the broken table. The junction juniors learn that boys and girls are the equal. And every one can do any job whether they are a girl or a boy.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 20 - HOME & FAMILY

➢ Cool Words: ABSTRACT NOUNS ➢ Hot Numbers: MASS: + & - ➢ Out There: Maspeedy take carol to enjoy the benefits of being a jumbo junior account holder- visit the savanni bookshop and get a discount on school book purchase, visit Getrude hospital for regular check up…Initially see Carol do some chores and get some money and save it in the jumbo junior elebank. ➢ Wild Zone: MOTHERS & BABIES ➢ Art Zone: INK & BLEACH - P ➢ African Tales: How Hyena Learnt About Kindness ➢ Junction juniors: Water is rare in makutano junction,all the jj except Brian are dirty and yearning for water. They finally persuade Brian to take them to his home to get some water.[and without permission].Baraka catches them and teaches them more on the water cycle and the importance of trees .

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 19 - CHILD LABOUR

➢ Cool Words: USE OF APOSTROPHE - ‘S ➢ Hot Numbers: MASS ➢ Out There: Maspeedy visits Elvis, who spends most of his time at the dumpsite looking for scrap metal or anything else to sell to support the family.Elvis misses the opportunity to go to school…else where Muteti attends his classes at Mukuru primary school but sells groundnuts in the evening at the traffic jam.The poverty levels arepushing children to work harder and making them miss out on their proper childhood which is wrong. ➢ Wild Zone: CROCODILES ➢ Art Zone: GUITAR - BARBARA - M ➢ African Tales: THE BAD FRIEND ➢ Junction juniors: Babu misses school and he is wandering at the Woods ,voices of the grandmother /father can be heard haunting him to support the family by working to get food. Coincidentally Teacher Benson is tired of his work and hires him to arrange the charcoal for him.The junction juniors find him and report the matter to Matano who promises to helps Bbau‘s family. At the same time the class debate on child labour.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 18 - HEALTH

➢ Cool Words: USE OF APOSTROPHE - contracted ➢ Hot Numbers: VOLUME ➢ Out There: Maspeedy visits happland primary school and learns basics of firstAid on most accidents in our homes and school with the st.Johns Ambulance. ➢ Wild Zone: FISH EAGLES ➢ Art Zone: SOAP CARVING - P ➢ African Tales: THE GIANT’S TAIL ➢ Junction juniors: The bullies have stolen Amos biscuits again and unfortunately as they ran away Amos trips and breaks his leg.Despite all that the jj take him to the health center and Amos later apologises to brian.Amishi and the rest learn more on first Aid.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 17 - SCHOOL ACTIVITIES

➢ Cool Words: S & SH - PRONOUNCING ➢ Hot Numbers: AREA ➢ Out There: Maspeedy visits the Thika school for the blind and spends sometime with the kids. ➢ Wild Zone: SHY ANIMALS ➢ Art Zone: MAGGIE SCULPTURE - M ➢ African Tales: DISOBEDIENT WANZELA ➢ Junction juniors: James is late for assembly and he is given punishment to do by teacher Kimanda when the others are working on their skit pieces.The jj learn that extra curricular activities are just as important as class work.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 16 - SPORTS

➢ Cool Words: DOUBLE CONSTANTS IN PAST ➢ Hot Numbers: PERIMETRES ➢ Out There: Mapeedy and Pearl join the other jumbo junior account holders at the coop bank funday and they have a nice time at the swings, bouncing castles ➢ Wild Zone: BABOONS ➢ Art Zone: ALUMINIUM FIGURES - P ➢ African Tales: THE MATCH ➢ Junction juniors: The JJ launches an awareness campaign for HIV Aids and importance of sports through a friendly match.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 15 - OFFICE

➢ Cool Words: PERSONAL PRONOUNS ➢ Hot Numbers: + & - CMS AND METRES ➢ Out There: CO-OP BANK ➢ Wild Zone: ELEPHANTS ➢ Art Zone: PAPER COLLAGE - M ➢ African Tales: How The Giraffe Got A Long Neck ➢ Junction juniors: The JJ have collected lots of money to buy some books for the IDP children including Babu. Brian, who has a jumbo junior account insists to them that it ain’t safe to put the money there but they all ignore him. Leleti has stashed the envelope containing the money in a book [in her bag] and later forgets the book in class..which Teacher Pendo picke up. The JJ are furious and think that Amos stole the money. They embark on a mission to look for the money. They chase Amos to teacher Pendo and she gives them the money and talks to them more on safe banking with the jumbo junior.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 14 - SCHOOL & HOME

➢ Cool Words: PREPOSITIONS ➢ Hot Numbers: CONVERTING CM & METRES ➢ Out There: GILGIL KIDS HOME ➢ Wild Zone: SEA TURTLE ➢ Art Zone: CANDLES AND PAINT - M ➢ African Tales: The Bully ➢ Junction juniors:

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 13 - SHOPPING

➢ Cool Words: BIGGER / SMALLER THAN ➢ Hot Numbers: DECIMALS + / - ➢ Out There: HOUSE OF MANJI ➢ Wild Zone: BUFFALO ➢ Art Zone: ORIGAMI - P ➢ African Tales: BUFFALO & EGRET ➢ Junction juniors:

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 12 - ADMINISTRATION

➢ Cool Words: PAST TENSE VERBS END IN -Y ➢ Hot Numbers: DECIMALS - PLACE VALUE ➢ Out There: 116 child line ➢ Wild Zone: MT KENYA ➢ Art Zone: STONE BUGS - M ➢ African Tales: WHERE’S RANGI? ➢ Junction juniors: The gang set up their own office to try to convince local leaders to save the playing field.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 11 - POLITE LANGUAGE

➢ Cool Words: PAST TENSE ➢ Hot Numbers: DIVIDING FRACTIONS ➢ Out There: COCONUT FARM ➢ Wild Zone: COLOBUS MONKEY ➢ Art Zone: COCONUT GIRL - P ➢ African Tales: MONGOLO THE MONKEY ➢ Junction juniors: Corporeal punishment - the children come up with appropriate means of punishment in schools.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 10 - PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY

➢ Cool Words: NOUNS ENDING IN -X, -F, -SH ➢ Hot Numbers: MULTIPLYING FRACTIONS ➢ Out There: TIWI ➢ Wild Zone: LEOPARD & THE COMMUNITY ➢ Art Zone: CARTON HOUSE - P ➢ African Tales: THE WATERING HOLE ➢ Junction juniors: Conflict breaks out in the gang because of tribal differences - Principal who shows them that working together & honouring differences is the key to a peaceful community.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 9 - CELEBRATIONS

➢ Cool Words: NOUNS END IN -S, -SS, -CH ➢ Hot Numbers: SUBTRACTING FRACTIONS ➢ Out There: INDIAN WEDDING ➢ Wild Zone: HIPPOS ➢ Art Zone: SARAKASI PERFORMANCE - M ➢ African Tales: THE GREEDY HYENA ➢ Junction juniors: It’s Babu’s birthday - they plan a surprise party but he assumes they are excluding him from the gang, so he tries to join another gang & experiences peer pressure.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 8 - ENVIRONMENT

➢ Cool Words: PLURALS ➢ Hot Numbers: ADDING FRACTIONS ➢ Out There: BEE KEEPING ➢ Wild Zone: FLAMINGOS ➢ Art Zone: LEAF PRINTING - M ➢ African Tales: WHEN THE WORLD LOST IT’S COLOUR ➢ Junction juniors: The children decide to take responsibility for their environment and start a clean up project.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 7 - HEALTH

➢ Cool Words: ADVERBS ➢ Hot Numbers: FRACTIONS ➢ Out There: KAREN DISPENSARY ➢ Wild Zone: HYENAS ➢ Art Zone: CHARCOAL TREES - P ➢ African Tales: THE UGLY JACKAL ➢ Junction juniors: Leleti discovers her mother has HIV - she thinks she will die immediately…the gang make her aware of the facts of HIV.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 6 - OCCUPATIONS

➢ Cool Words: VERBS ➢ Hot Numbers: LONG DIVISION ➢ Out There: UWE CONCERT ➢ Wild Zone: LION ➢ Art Zone: FISH PLASTIC BOTTLES - P ➢ African Tales: TUMAINI THE ANT ➢ Junction juniors: The children fight for their rights to schoolbooks.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 5 - THE FARM

➢ Cool Words: TOO & TO ➢ Hot Numbers: MULTIPLICATION ➢ Out There: DAIRY ➢ Wild Zone: WILDEBEEST MIGRATION ➢ Art Zone: ANIMAL MASKS - M ➢ African Tales: THE PROUD FARMER ➢ Junction juniors: The gang assists fellow members James & Nita who have been skipping school.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 4 - TRANSPORT

➢ Cool Words: ADDING ING ➢ Hot Numbers: NUMBER PATTERNS ➢ Out There: MOMBASA FERRY ➢ Wild Zone: CHEETAH ➢ Art Zone: WIRE CARS - P ➢ African Tales: THE JOURNEY ➢ Junction juniors: The JJ’s help an Indian family and realise that their racial stereotypes are misplaced.

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 3 - MEASUREMENTS

➢ Cool Words: PROPER NOUNS ➢ Hot Numbers: ODD & EVEN NUMBERS ➢ Out There: SOFTA FACTORY ➢ Wild Zone: GIRAFFE ➢ Art Zone: MOBILES - M ➢ African Tales: THE HARE’S SHORT TAIL ➢ Junction juniors: Part of the gang’s HQ’s has been destroyed. They share their fears about security in the area & bullying.


➢ Cool Words: ADJECTIVES ➢ Hot Numbers: DIVIDING WHOLE NUMBERS ➢ Out There: CHILDREN’S HOME ➢ Wild Zone: RHINO ➢ Art Zone: CLAY FACES - P ➢ African Tales: OSTRICH & HYENA ➢ Junction juniors: The gang advises a fellow pupil on her rights to an education. They learn about their rights as children

KnowZone Std 4: Episode 1 - PEACE & CONFLICT

➢ Cool Words: NOUNS ➢ Hot Numbers: WHOLE NUMBERS ➢ Out There: IDP CAMP ➢ Wild Zone: ELEPHANTS ➢ Art Zone: SPOON PUPPETS - M ➢ African Tales: THE WATERING HOLE ➢ Junction juniors: The gang hold ‘elections’ to vote in a new leader. They confront a bully and learn how to resolve conflict peacefully away from tribal lines.