Playlist: Makutano Junction : Series 14

13 videos
Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep08 - Caught In The Act

Stevo is suspicious of teacher Drany and he decides to investigate. Eva tries to get back at Thomas by telling Bernadette about Diana joining the band.

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep07 - Money, Money, Money

Shaka and Nancy receive an unexpected visitor, Chief Matano returns to his duties but some problems from his drinking past come back to haunt him.

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep06 - Vijana Tusome

Stevo is asked to teach class two and discovers that the pupils can hardly read and decides to tell their parents.

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep05 - Outbreak

Aflatoxin. Learn the proper ways of storing your maize to avoid aflatoxin

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep04 - Baby Shower

Nancy goes through a terrible time after consuming maize contaminated with aflatoxin

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep03 - Clarity

Planning for a successful marriage. Nancy and Shaka make plans for future together, Thomas and the barber boys decide to form a band

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep02 - The Graduate

Education, Stevo, Mama Pima's Son is back as a graduate and Mama Pima is very happy and proud but Stevo has a big secret.

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep01 - Rebirth

The chief is back from hospital, Thomas and the barber boys decide to start a band, Eva decides to start farming.