Playlist: Makutano Junction : Series 12

13 videos
Makutano Junction S12Ep13

Strikes at the health center cause panic in the community, Pendo manages to save the day but her good deeds get her into trouble with the opposition, who want to play dirty...

Makutano Junction S12Ep12

More women seek advice from Lillian on banking. Fed up with the lack of funding from the Ministry, Dr Hannah calls for a strike at the medical center.

Makutano Junction S12Ep10

Lillian talks to Mama Pima and Bettina about opening a bank account and Dr. Hannah tries to introduce healthy eating to Makutano. PP stands down from elections due to rumors about his divorce.

Makutano Junction S12Ep09

Anna and Lena spot Elvis with a lot of cash and he is forced to admit to parents he took a loan because the FPE funds never arrived. Mabuki uses an SMS system to test his solar lamps

Makutano Junction S12Ep08

Washington is persuaded to stand for a different role by Joseph -- on the basis that the new position offers more chances to line his pocket. Elvis struggles with the FPE funds being late.

Makutano Junction S12Ep07

There's a new headteacher in town who pledges to secure FPE money to improve the classroom. Shaka develops a loan scheme to help people buy solar lamps.

Makutano Junction S12Ep06

Washington rediscovers God and Pendo decides to run in the elections, with PP's party. The elections are the main topic of Makutano. Thomas worries about further education.

Makutano Junction S12Ep05

Washington uses the power outages as an opportunity to win votes, and Lena and Mabuki start selling solar lamps. The barber boys declare war on the salon girls!

Makutano Junction S12Ep04

There's a new doctor in town, who inspires Thomas to think about solar power. Snake and Josiah meanwhile, steal electricity from the Makutano supply, causing blackouts.

Makutano Junction S12Ep03

Mabuki sets up a political party, Bill runs for council, Joseph is Matata's election manager and Washington has plans to run for power too. So what are the rules in party politics?

Makutano Junction S12Ep02

PP is on a mission to convince young people that elections are important, he ends up agreeing to stand for governor! Thomas is recovering from smoke inhilation, highlighting the dangers of kerosine

Makutano Junction S12Ep01

The opening of PP's youth centre almost ends in disaster when a disfigured Joseph sabotages last minute preparations and Mabuki reveals he is standing for governor. Decentralisation -- what it means.