Playlist: Makutano Junction : Series 8

13 videos
Makutano Junction S08Ep13

Sharon's abuse is continuing so Maspeedy gathers the men of Makutano to try and talk to KK. Florence has a date with the health centre! And Dodgy and Toni's UK dreams come crashing down.

Makutano Junction S08Ep12

Sharon is suffering at the hands of KK, but is too afraid to speak out, so the market women try to help her report it. Vincent finally seeks help for his sexually transmitted infection.

Makutano Junction S08Ep11

Vincent is feeling the effects of unprotected sex and Shani is caught dealing in stolen goods. Nema seeks help from Childline 116 on how to handle him.

Makutano Junction S08Ep10

Phidelis is chased out of town by the Chief, leaving Shiko and Shiro to take care of themselves, with the help of the community. Dodgy and Yvonne are both trying to get to the UK.

Makutano Junction S08Ep09

Sharon realises the importance of ante natal care. Bernadette investigates Shiko's mistreatment, and Phidelis strikes a deal with KK to cover her tracks and make some money. Agri's case goes to trial.

Makutano Junction S08Ep08

Red tries to deal with the malaria problem in Makutano, KK is giving Sharon the cold shoulder and Shaka's daughter wants to study in the UK

Makutano Junction S08Ep07

Girls in Makutano Primary are frequently missing class due to the school's lack of sanitation facilities. Malaria cases are high in Makutano and Red is convinced it's because of global warming.

Makutano Junction S08Ep06

The political campaigns in Makutano are in full swing, but not everyone is playing fair. Sharon finds out she's pregnant and Bettina is still haunted by post election violence

Makutano Junction S08Ep05

Margaret gets sick and suspects malaria, Red campaigns for environmental awareness and the political candidates of Makutano are in hot competition.

Makutano Junction S08Ep04

The Makutano community hold a democratic peace meeting to settle differences, Bettina struggles to come to terms with the violence she experienced in the last elections.

Makutano Junction S08Ep03

A tribal divide starts to appear in Makutano as the candidates target their own tribes people on radio. Red tries to protect the indigenous tree's on Mboga's land for the benefit of the community.

Makutano Junction S08Ep02

Nema decides to run for MP, but Shani's accident has made her some enemies. All the candidates running in Makutano present their nomination papers.

Makutano Junction S08Ep01

The market women give statements against a suspected child molester and the sergeant encourages them to give evidence in court.