Playlist: Makutano Junction : Series 5

13 videos
Makutano Junction S05Ep13

Bill and Dodgy are launching the radio station and there is an opening ceremony for the special needs centre. Karis is depressed and he takes drastic measures that leave the town in shock...

Makutano Junction S05Ep12

The market women put on a play for the whole town about the recent events. Hope finds out about Matata's dodgy dealings and takes action, and Honest is finally caught red handed.

Makutano Junction S05Ep11

The rubbish dump continues to cause problems: the children at school are getting sick due to bad water, and vegetables are dying. Matata is up to no good as usual.

Makutano Junction S05Ep10

A new rubbish dump is causing a bad smell in town and Dr Charles organises an HIV and TB awareness event. When the time comes for the townspeople to collect their returns, Eddie is nowhere to be seen.

Makutano Junction S05Ep09

Mama Mboga brings Eddie to the market, he's an investment banker and the market women are thrilled. PP explains it's a pyramid scheme. Anna sells her family's mosquito nets to make money.

Makutano Junction S05Ep08

Young Lilletti faces abuse at home from her uncle, but the community find out and take action. Mama Pima joins an investment scheme.

Makutano Junction S05Ep07

Mama Pima is teaching children with special needs, while Hope holds elections for the CDF committee. Pendo and Mama Pima ask for a CDF grant for the special needs classroom. Matano faces HIV stigma.

Makutano Junction S05Ep06

Matata wants his money from Karis, and sends his men in to teach him a lesson. Mercy gets a job as a nurse but Honest isn't happy with it. Anna decides not to press charges against Josiah.

Makutano Junction S05Ep05

The townspeople welcome back Hope, and the market women approach her for a loan. She explains about the Community Development Fund. Josiah is covering up domestic violence, and he's not the only one.

Makutano Junction S05Ep04

Dr. Charles suspects Stella has bipolar depression, while Margaret has a very different condition! There's corruption in the health centre and as usual, Karis is involved. Mulani goes to trial.

Makutano Junction S05Ep03

Snake still hasn't been tested for TB but continues to use Josiah's medicine. The market is suffering because the council hasn't collected the rubbish and PP decices to do something about it

Makutano Junction S05Ep02

Matano is worried he might have HIV and consults Dr. Charles. Washington is using corporal punishment in school and it results in a teachers meeting.

Makutano Junction S05Ep01

Anna is incresingly frustrated with Josiah - her anger turns violent. Hope is outraged at how little Prescilla pays the hairdressers, while Matata is busy trying to ruin her new career.