Playlist: Shamba Shape Up : Tanzania

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Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Rice, Chicken, Family Nutrition

We are in Meru, Tanzania at Lilian's farm. We look at how to improve her rice plantation by using the right amount of fertilisers and manure and do a soil test. S01Ep13

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Dairy

We are in Tanzania to learn about keeping cows for producing good quality milk. We learn about feeding, how a healthy cow produces good milk and how to build a zero grazing unit. S01Ep011

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Chickens

In this episode we learn about how to keep broiler chickens for a successful business. We learn about feeding, keeping a clean house, vaccinating and stopping disease by keeping good hygiene. S01Ep10

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) – Vegetables

This episodes focuses on growing vegetables for health and a good market price. The episode includes growing tomatoes, planting a nursery, growing cabbages and African indigenous vegetables. S01Ep08

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Chicken, Horticulture, Maize, Post Harvest Losses

We visit Michael's Shamba in Meru, Tanzania. Learn about chicken, horticulture, maize and how to prevent post harvest losses. S01Ep06

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Chicken Biosecurity, Financial Literacy, Potatoes

We visit Ndetaniswa's farm in Nambala, Tanzania. We learn about biosecurity to prevent diseases in chicken, how to keep proper financial records and growing potatoes. S01Ep09

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Chickens, Post-Harvest Losses, Cows

For the first episode in Tanzania, we meet Christina from Nambala. She has problems with her cows, chickens, planting crops successfully, minimising post harvest losses & soil testing. S01Ep01

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Soil

In this episode, we focus on the importance of looking after your soil and how this will benefit your shamba. S01Ep02

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Maize

In today's episode we look at growing maize. Maize is grown across the country and gets a good price at market. However, it can also have problems with diseases and pests. S01Ep02

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Finances

Today in Shamba Shape Up, we focus on why having sound finances in important and that treating your shamba like a business will make you more money.

Shamba Shape Up (Tanzania) - Sorghum

Today on Shamba Shape Up we learn about why growing sorghum can be a good idea. Sorghum is a drought resistant crop that has a good market value. S01Ep07