Playlist: Shamba Shape Up : Uganda

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Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - Apples, Banana Production, Cows

We are in Eastern Uganda, Busoga region at Christopher and Christine's farm. We help them with their cows, bananas and teach them about growing apples and the importance of soil testing. S01Ep12

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - Fruits

Learn about treating and controlling pests and diseases in Bananas, Passion Fruit and Mangoes. S01Ep11

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - Chickens, Family Nutrition, Dairy Cows

We visit Peter and Mary at their shamba in Iganga, Uganda. Learn how to identify good layers in your chicken, proper cow feed to increase milk production and good nutrition for the family. S01Ep10

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) – Cows, Bananas, Solar Light

On Robert and Joy’s shamba in Jinja, Uganda we learn about feeding cows correctly, premixing your own feed and fodder. We also learn about growing bananas, biosecurity and soil testing. S01Ep07

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - Chickens

Learn how to rear chicken and get the best out of them. S01Ep09

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) – Dairy

We are in Uganda to learn about keeping cows for producing good quality milk. We learn about feeding, how a healthy cow produces good milk and how to build a zero grazing unit. S01Ep08

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - Soil

In this episode, we focus on soil and the importance of looking after your soil to have a better harvest and stronger crops. S01Ep02

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - MLND, Maize, Chickens

We are visiting John's farm in Jinja, Uganda for the first episode of the new series. We look at maize disease MLND, planting, chickens, beans, sunflowers and soil testing. S01Ep01

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - Maize

In today's episode we look at growing maize. Maize is grown across the country and gets a good price at market. However, it can also have problems with diseases and pests. S01Ep03

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - Finances

Today in Shamba Shape Up, we focus on why having sound finances is important and that treating your shamba like a business will make you more money. S01Ep06

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - NCD, Solar Light, QPM, Apples

We are on Paul & Robina's farm in Iganga, Uganda to learn more about Newcastle Disease in chickens, using solar light, growing Quality Protein Maize, cow health & grafting apple trees. S01Ep04

Shamba Shape Up (Uganda) - Climate Change

In Uganda the weather patterns are changing and becoming harder to predict. This is because of climate change. To be a successful farmer it is important to understand these changes. S01Ep05