Makutano Junction : Season 1

13 videos

Makutano Junction S01Ep01 Meet the Makutano community. Dr. Washington collects payments from patients, Maspeedy stresses the importance of milk hygiene and we meet playboy Karis.

Makutano Junction S01Ep02 Nancy plans to open a pharmacy, while the market women learn the pro's and con's of their merry-go-round scheme.

Makutano Junction S01Ep03 There is a school management commitee meeting and a school finance commitee is formed too. The community are still adjusting to free primary education.

Makutano Junction S01Ep04 PP and Maspeedy discuss milk hygiene, Mama Mboga has money worries and Cheryl continues to meddle with Karis and Nancy.

Makutano Junction S01Ep05 The school committee hold democratic elections to decide the chairperson. Mama Mboga faces abuse at home from her drunk husband.

Makutano Junction S01Ep06 Karis blackmails Nancy, and is up to no good in the bar as well. There is an outbreak of malaria in town but Dr. Washingotn refuses to treat Mama Mboga's sick son.

Makutano Junction S01Ep07 Mama Mboga's son gets worse and she is struggling to afford treatment, Erasmus has spent most of their money on alcohol. Things go from bad to worse as there are long queues at the health centre.

Makutano Junction S01Ep09 Karis is in debt and Erasmus' behavior is getting worse both in and out of school. The school committee meet to discuss a book bid.

Makutano Junction S01Ep10 Rose decides to organise classes on puberty. Erasmus' drinking is causing more problems and the market women take action. Nancy sets up a womens group who decide to build a medical centre

Makutano Junction S01Ep11 Snake is out to sabotage the medical centre plans, with devastating consquences. Albert stops Baraka from using pesticides, advocating crop rotation instead.

Makutano Junction S01Ep12 Snake is desperate to avoid questioning in relation to Leonard's death, and tries to strike a deal with Karis that goes wrong. A loan for the new medical centre is approved. Maspeedy gets a pannier.