Makutano Junction : Season 10

13 videos

Makutano Junction S10Ep01 Makutano gets a new Bank, & Mama pima learns the benefits of the new bank

Makutano Junction S10Ep02 Poverty Saving and Debt

Makutano Junction S10Ep03 Bill tries to sort out the debt that Dodgy has got their radio station into, and Nancy is demanding answers. Joseph wants to go into business with Karis. Shani and Lillian learn about contraception.

Makutano Junction S10Ep04 Toby is getting bullied at school. and PP freaks out when he wrongly diagnoses himself. Mulani denies Red her land inheritance because she's a woman. Mama P and Mabuki join forces.

Makutano Junction S10Ep05 The Government wants to take the market women's land for a tree planting scheme, Karis' business is doing well but Nancy is furious. PP faces Bernadette to tell her the news of his marriage.

Makutano Junction S10Ep06 Helen catches malaria while she is pregnant and a distraught Snake is by her side as she and the baby fight for their lives in the health centre.

Makutano Junction S10Ep07 The baber shop is robbed because of Dodgy's debt problems, and Oliver continues to be discriminated against because he is gay.

Makutano Junction S10Ep08 The market women stage a protest at the government acquisition of the orphans land, it is intended to be used for environmental conservation. Bettina is in trouble with her debt to Joseph and Karis.

Makutano Junction S10Ep09 Maspeedy talks to Shaka and Nancy about taking out a loan to expand his business. Karis and Joseph are playing dirty as usual, and Snake is grieving for Helen and the baby.

Makutano Junction S10Ep10 Pendo is concerned about two orphans living alone, and Red faces a tricky situation when a woman comes to her wanting help with an abortion.

Makutano Junction S10Ep11 Mulani and Red try to sort out Toby's troubles at school, inspiring Pendo to talk to the children about bullying. The kids come up with a school constitution. Joseph makes a sinister offer to Agnes...

Makutano Junction S10Ep12 Now that PP & Red have decided to have a baby, they go to see Nancy & Shaka about investing in the baby's future.

Makutano Junction S10Ep13 Maspeedy learns how to access his money using an ATM and his mobile phone. PP and Red's party goes off with a bang, but Red is distracted. Will Agnes keep her bargain with Joseph?