Makutano Junction : Season 11

12 videos

Makutano Junction S11Ep01 Stella has just been hired as a teacher at Makutano Primary but Bernadette questions her ability.

Makutano Junction S11Ep02 A teacher at Makutano Primary is moonlighting, neglecting his teaching duties to make extra money.

Makutano Junction S11Ep03 PP uses Google to help the girls with their radio station. Joseph offers Josiah a job - illegally diverting community water to the Matata flower farm.

Makutano Junction S11Ep04 Maspeedy learns about epilepsy, and the nurses at the health centre struggle with the work load.

Makutano Junction S11Ep05 PP shares his knowledge of the government e-registry to help Mabuki and Baraka with their business permit, and the salon girls help Bernadette surf the web on her phone.

Makutano Junction S11Ep06 Snake and Karis are making dodgy money out of the water shortage in town, while the girls at Makutano Primary struggle with the school's poor sanitation facilities.

Makutano Junction S11Ep07 Nurse Kate is concerned that the health centre's supplies are low, and drug deliveries from the ministry are there corruption in the health centre? Karis' school toilet scam is discovered.

Makutano Junction S11Ep08 Joseph's plan to illegally divert Makutano's water supply is causing a drought, and the community demand to know what's going on. It inspires them to set up a water management committee.

Makutano Junction S11Ep09 Inappropriate teacher behavior and guide to what is acceptable.

Makutano Junction S11Ep10 Washington and Dr. Penny's scam with health centre drugs puts people's lives in danger, they are discovered and the Health Centre Commitee have a meeting. Josiah wants to send Beatrice to the UK.

Makutano Junction S11Ep11 Florence and Toni discover the benefits of joining the PASHA digital village to help with their business, and Florence comes to terms with her epilepsy.

Makutano Junction S11Ep12 Josiah has sent Beatrice to the UK, but it was all part of a child trafficking scam. Washington re-opens his chemist, and Lillian comes back to town sworn to secrecy.