Makutano Junction : Season 13

13 videos

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 1 Anna overcomes her fears, and her husbands, to open up a bank account. Pendo refuses to drop out of the election campaign despite being kidnapped and beaten by thugs from the opposition.

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 2 Worried about Mabuki's popularity, Washington uses his position in the church to incite hatred and get more votes. Mama Pima and Bettina are having banking troubles, and MJ's favorite doctor returns.

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 3 Bettina has second thoughts about her campaign for women's rep, Bernadette opens a bank account, and Washington enlists Snake to help him get revenge on Matano. Mama Pima makes a shocking discovery...

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 4 Worried that they are losing votes, Joseph comes up with a drastic plan with Washington and Snake - but is the Chief one step ahead? Exam results are out and Eva and Thomas must think about the future

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 5 It's election day. The campaigning is over and Matano is keen for everything to go peacefully, but will Joseph manage to pull one last trick? Thomas, Eva and Lillian turn to Elvis for advice on voting

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 6 The election results are announced and the community celebrate a peaceful election with their new leaders - but will Joseph and his sinister team manage to ruin it? Pendo's future takes a double twist

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 7 Margaret plays detective when money goes missing from her phone, Snake tries his best to impress Lena and Thomas sorts out his own girl problems.

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 8 Tony and Flo need to come up with a plan to keep the Cyber going when PP decides to sell it. Bill, Frankie and Dodgy try to get people to sign up for their poverty relief scheme but it backfires.

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 9 Shaka gets on the wrong side of the market women when promoting Nawiri Dada, and has to work hard to convince them to keep their bank accounts. Hannah's campaign for a healthy Makutano continues.

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 10 There is a new cop in town, but all is not as it seems. Is he as clean as the Chief? The community get together to help Anna and Josiah. Mabuki is looking for a political adviser, will Karis succeed?

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 11 Karis has ideas to cash in on his relationship with Mabuki, while Elvis continues with his learning classes with Florence and Toni. Thomas tried his luck Lillian, but to no avail thanks to Shani.

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 12 Washington gets into trouble for practicing fake healing, but escapes charges. The community ask about Beatrice's whereabouts. Karis and Dr. Hannah have a confrontation and love is in the air in MJ.

Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 13 PP finally decides to stand up to the new bent cop, yet this act has disastrous consequences for Matano. Love is in the air with Eva and Thomas and the boys cause trouble over a friendship with Snake.