Makutano Junction : Season 14

13 videos

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep01 - Rebirth The chief is back from hospital, Thomas and the barber boys decide to start a band, Eva decides to start farming.

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep02 - The Graduate Education, Stevo, Mama Pima's Son is back as a graduate and Mama Pima is very happy and proud but Stevo has a big secret.

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep03 - Clarity Planning for a successful marriage. Nancy and Shaka make plans for future together, Thomas and the barber boys decide to form a band

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep04 - Baby Shower Nancy goes through a terrible time after consuming maize contaminated with aflatoxin

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep05 - Outbreak Aflatoxin. Learn the proper ways of storing your maize to avoid aflatoxin

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep06 - Vijana Tusome Stevo is asked to teach class two and discovers that the pupils can hardly read and decides to tell their parents.

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep07 - Money, Money, Money Shaka and Nancy receive an unexpected visitor, Chief Matano returns to his duties but some problems from his drinking past come back to haunt him.

Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep08 - Caught In The Act Stevo is suspicious of teacher Drany and he decides to investigate. Eva tries to get back at Thomas by telling Bernadette about Diana joining the band.