Makutano Junction : Season 2

13 videos

Makutano Junction S02Ep01 Washington has a career change, Nancy and Peggy both learn about the best way to keep their babies healthy, Peggy struggles to come to terms with her HIV status. The new health centre opens.

Makutano Junction S02Ep02 Snake carries out his community service while Peggy is still struggling with accepting her HIV status. The school hosts a PTA meeting to try and help 3 orphans.

Makutano Junction S02Ep04 Winston is starting to campaign for votes, and Anna discovers her family is suffering from malnutrition. The market women decide to start a co-operative, Maspeedy and PP want to start a business.

Makutano Junction S02Ep05 Maspeedy faces challenges with his milk deliveries and his finances, he comes down with malaria. The market women learn their application for the micro finance program has been approved.

Makutano Junction S02Ep06 The market women hold elections for their co-operative, Margaret becomes involved in a tribal law dispute.

Makutano Junction S02Ep08 Jonathan tries to bribe Washington to get his vote in the local elections, but Washington is exploiting the orphans. The market women acquire land to grow their produce, but all is not as it seems.

Makutano Junction S02Ep09 Local election campaigns heat up in Makutano, and result in a fair and democratic election. The market women are doing well in their co-operative. Karis is still struggling with debt.

Makutano Junction S02Ep10 Noise from the orphanage is causing a disturbance in town, Washington is still running a corrupt establishment. Jonathan becomes violent towards Rose. Matano calls a community meeting.

Makutano Junction S02Ep11 Karis and Snake's debt problems continue, Washington is accused of child trafficking, Margaret starts to come to terms with her HIV status, and gets support from everyone except Anna.