Makutano Junction : Season 3

13 videos

Makutano Junction S03Ep01 Matano introduces PP and Maspeedy to the notion of sileage -- it should increase milk productivity in the dry season. Mama Pima is practicing witchcraft, Anna learns more about ante natal care.

Makutano Junction S03Ep02 PP approaches Matano to find out how to make sileage and he gives him a lesson. Washington is desperate for money so Karis lends him KSh2,000.

Makutano Junction S03Ep03 The new chief arrives in Makutano... but it is not what everyone expected!

Makutano Junction S03Ep04 Anna complains that her children want money for text books, but text books are supposed to be free. This highlights the importance of transparency of school funds and a PTA meeting is called.

Makutano Junction S03Ep05 PP learns the consequences of drinking and smoking, and Hope still faces challenges because she is a woman in a position of power, but manages to set up a crime prevention group in Makutano.

Makutano Junction S03Ep06 There is a health awareness campaign in Makutano focusing on male reproductive health, but most of the men are busy gambling!

Makutano Junction S03Ep10 Snake still owes Karis money but wants another loan, it's not long before everyone hears about Karis' money lending scheme. There's a talent show at the bar, but who in Makutano has any talent?

Makutano Junction S03Ep11 George's uncles are trying to steal his land claiming inheritance rights, Matano gets involved and Hope calls a meeting. Celina falls sick with malaria and Karis gets a taste of his own medicine.

Makutano Junction S03Ep12 Mama Pima wants Stella to be circumsized against her wishes and Kara is jealous. But something goes terribly wrong with Stella's surgery and Rose speaks to Hope about alternative rites of passage.

Makutano Junction S03Ep13 The girls have their rite of passage ceremony, and Baraka and PP discuss land management. Some Baraka family secrets are revealed and the Mulani's are involved in a terrible accident...