Makutano Junction : Season 4

13 videos

Makutano Junction S04Ep01 The hunt is on for Jonathan Mulani, while the market women are concerned about the lack of clean water. Hope challenges Mabuki on environmental law.

Makutano Junction S04Ep02 Matano wants to start adult literacy classes for the community, while Mama Mboga is struggling to repay her loan to Karis.

Makutano Junction S04Ep03 Doctor/Bishop Washington now takes on a new title - of acting headmaster! He tries to treat the kids at school himself but is warned off by Dr. Charles. A new headmistress comes to take over.

Makutano Junction S04Ep04 Mama Mboga is running for MP but there's a new face in town who is also campaigning. Josiah's health is getting worse and Dr. Charles confirms he has TB.

Makutano Junction S04Ep05 The community are feeling the benifts of Matano's adult education classes, while Hope faces challenges of standing for MP as a woman.

Makutano Junction S04Ep06 The market stalls have been knocked down by the council and MP Matata uses this to his advantage. Cheryl and Karis' wedding is set to go ahead, until Cheryl makes a shocking last minute decision.

Makutano Junction S04Ep07 MP Matata has ordered that the forest be cut down, and not only that, but a quarry be opened near the primary school. Pendo is outraged. Kara and Stella learn the dangers of online dating...

Makutano Junction S04Ep08 Kara is in turmoil after the rape, and, intimidated by Bobby, is too afraid to tell anyone. Jonathan comes back to town and Red tries to persuade him to turn himself in to the police.

Makutano Junction S04Ep09 Bobby claims another victim, but she makes the brave decision to go to the clinic. While Hope and Pendo work hard to try and stop the quarry development, the MP campaigns are heating up.

Makutano Junction S04Ep10 Episode 10 - Series 4

Makutano Junction S04Ep11 Pendo deals with a difficult case of a child with a mental disorder, Red confides in PP about her fathers trial and Washington recieves a blow to his pride.

Makutano Junction S04Ep12 The market women take action against Matata's quarry project, and a tribunal is called with the community. Matata tries to bribe the judge but it doesn't work out as he'd planned...

Makutano Junction S04Ep13 Mama Pima runs a counselling session for rape victims, but is it too late to help Kara? The MP candidates are trying their best to get last minute votes, the radio station announces the winner.