Makutano Junction : Season 6

13 videos

Makutano Junction S06Ep01 Matata is running for councillor and wants Washington on his side. Karis is still in hospital. Margaret and Matano learn about HIV positive pregnancy and childbirth.

Makutano Junction S06Ep02 Karis is suffering from depression and Mercy discovers a shocking secret about Toni's past.

Makutano Junction S06Ep03 Dodgy and Bill want funding to start their radio station. Dr. Charles treats a child for paraffin poisoning, Pendo feels guilty because the child was working at the market rather than attending class.

Makutano Junction S06Ep04 Washington ruins the opening of the community radio station. Violet talks to Hope about her health problems, Hope supsects it is fistula and starts a campaign to educate the community on the condition

Makutano Junction S06Ep05 Bill has decided to run for councilor! Matata and Washington step up their campaign. The DJ's host a debate between candidates on the radio. Honest bribes the prison officer to let him out...

Makutano Junction S06Ep06 Washington and Matata plot to give council positions only to members of their own tribe. Honest is back to his old tricks but Toni and Mercy are on the case, and the corrupt prison officer is exposed.

Makutano Junction S06Ep07 Baraka is suffering from TB, while Nurse Kate takes an HIV test. Maspeedy is soaking seeds but Snake is convinced he's brewing alcohol!

Makutano Junction S06Ep08 Snake demands 'protection fees' from the Market Women who are not of his tribe, which sparks tribal tension in the whole community. Washington wastes no time in turning it into a publicity stunt.

Makutano Junction S06Ep09 Stella proposes an income-generating project to help Violet and other women who are struggling financially. Matata hijacks the talent show and Karis is still suffering from depression.

Makutano Junction S06Ep10 It's election time for the healthcare committee; Bernadette vs Mama Mboga. Winston and Karis work out their differences, while Kate advises Bridget to take an HIV test as she has TB.

Makutano Junction S06Ep11 The health centre is short staffed and the nurses are struggling to keep up with important counselling sessions. PP tries to persuade Kara to go on a counselor training course.

Makutano Junction S06Ep12 Both Kara and PP advise George to be careful with his inheritance money, but he has other ideas. He takes Stella, Florence and Kara on a camping trip that goes horribly wrong.

Makutano Junction S06Ep13 Matata is constructing a road through Makutano and plans to demolish buildings, which doesn't go down well with the community. Margaret goes into labour.