Makutano Junction : Season 7

13 videos

Makutano Junction S07Ep01 Bettina gets threatened out of town, while dowry talks for PP and Toni's wedding commence. Bill gets arrested sparking protests.

Makutano Junction S07Ep02 The CDF committee have a meeting, and realise the need to be more accountable. Hope announces a drastic decision and Margaret learns about breast feeding vs bottle feeding.

Makutano Junction S07Ep03 Red and PP approach Mabuki with a business plan, and Titus returns sparking old tribal tensions. Matata promotes his new school and Bernadette complains to Pendo about the running of Makutano Primary.

Makutano Junction S07Ep04 Electricity theft is causing blackouts in Makutano, and the school holds a meeting to discuss private vs public education. Bettina and Shiro both experience sexual assault, Shiro turns to Childline.

Makutano Junction S07Ep05 The community receive some terrible news about Mama Mboga. Snake and Josiah get involved with stealing electricity cables to make quick money, but soon realize it's a crime that affects the whole town

Makutano Junction S07Ep06 Mama Pima is sick and Maspeedy tries to convince Dr. Charles that it is crypto - from poor hygiene when handling her cow. Pendo wants to take an HIV test with Charles but he's reluctant.

Makutano Junction S07Ep07 Red makes a difficult decision about her pregnancy, and Bettina finds herself prostituting to earn enough money to live. Anna faces an abortion due to health reasons.

Makutano Junction S07Ep08 Washington starts an environmental campaign but the community aren't buying it. Mama Pima has complaints about her househelps, and Red is recovering in hospital. Will she tell Vincent the truth?

Makutano Junction S07Ep09 It is the day of PP and Toni's dowry talks, but there's tension in the air. Shiko is arrested for prostitution, she's struggling to feed her orphan family and Matano looks for ways to help.

Makutano Junction S07Ep10 Mama Pima faces charges of child abuse for her househelp business, and Matano calls the community together to discuss children's rights. Matata comes up with a new plan to sink Washington.

Makutano Junction S07Ep11 The hardware store is struggling due to Karis' meddling, and he waste's no time in making money from his fathers downfall. Shani seeks advice from Bill and Dodgy on safe sex and Red and PP make up.

Makutano Junction S07Ep12 Josiah is coaching the girl's soccer team and there's a big match to be played. Winston is suffering in more way than one from the hardware store debt.

Makutano Junction S07Ep13 Washington's wedding day and Matata is putting his final plans in place to make sure he is humiliated. That's not the only sinister action going on... Pendo tries to help a victim of child abuse.