Shamba Shape Up : Season 3

18 videos

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 1 Mango Farming, Hand Pump, Chickens (English) The new series starts from Embu and looks at mango farming and how to stop mango diseases, kunde planting, hand pumps, making silage and looking after chickens correctly. S03ep01

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 2 Coffee Planting, Chickens, Bee Keeping (English) Lucy and James' Farm in Kabatini Nakuru. Coffee planting, bee keeping, chickens, jikos and soil erosion. S03Ep02

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 3 Cabbages, Cow Care, Planting Trees (English) We visit Joseph and Lucy's Shamba in Kinangop. We look at growing cabbages, looking after cows, catching rainwater and planting trees. S03Ep03

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 4 Chickens, Amaranth, Water Pumps (English) We visit Juja Farm to meet a farmer and introduce them to Kenchic chickens, Kick start water pumps, D.light solar lights, growing amaranth and much more. S03Ep04

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 5 Grain Groups, Animal Housing, KCB Banking (English) We learn how to plant tomatoes, the importance of water harvesting, Grain Groups, D.light solar lights, proper housing of animals, soil testing and how KCB banking can help in your farm. S03Ep05

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 6 Flying Gardens, Mango Farming, Cow Farming (English) We visit Makueni to reach farmers to discuss flying gardens, mango farming, cow farming, rainwater harvesting & planting trees. S03Ep06

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 7 Animal Care, Certified Seeds, Planting Sorghum (English) In this episode we meet Peter & Virginia in Nakuru to help shape up their shamba. We look at animal care, certified seeds, planting sorghum, rainwater havesting and solar lighting.

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 8 Vegetable Growing, Inter-cropping, Livestock Loans (English) We learn more about vegetable growing, taking care of animals, inter-cropping beans and sorghum and livestock loans; all on Mary's farm in Nakuru. S03Ep08

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 9 Cow Care, Maize Farming, Rain Harvesting (English) We visit Risper's farm in Kisumu to learn more about cows (health, housing and feeding), maize farming, energy saving jikos & rainwater harvesting. S03Ep09

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 10 Climate Change Episode (English) We look at drought resistant crops, water distribution, planting trees, napier grass, solar lights, rainwater harvesting and energy saving jikos as we learn how to combat climate change. S03Ep10

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 11 Tree Planting, Tomato Planting, Chickens (English) We go to Martin & Beatrice's farm in Kisumu to learn about tree planting, looking after chickens and antibiotics, planting tomatoes, seed selections, energy saving jiko and solar lights.

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 12 Potatoes, Chicken Vaccination, Energy Saving Jikos (English) On Lucy and James' farm in Timau we look at potato farming (planting, storing & markets), Chickens (vaccines & antibiotics), Rainwater Harvesting and Energy Saving Jikos.

Shamba Shape Up Sn 03 - Ep 13 Bees, Chickens, Antibiotics (English) This season's finale Shamba Shape Up revisits past farms to see how the farmers are doing. We look at bees, chickens, antibiotics in animals and growing rice. S03Ep13