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Makutano Junction S01Ep09

Karis is in debt and Erasmus' behavior is getting worse both in and out of school. The school committee meet to discuss a book bid.
Makutano Junction S01Ep07

Mama Mboga's son gets worse and she is struggling to afford treatment, Erasmus has spent most of their money on alcohol. Things go from bad to worse as there are long queues at the health centre.
Makutano Junction S01Ep04

PP and Maspeedy discuss milk hygiene, Mama Mboga has money worries and Cheryl continues to meddle with Karis and Nancy.
Makutano Junction S01Ep03

There is a school management commitee meeting and a school finance commitee is formed too. The community are still adjusting to free primary education.
Makutano Junction S01Ep02

Nancy plans to open a pharmacy, while the market women learn the pro's and con's of their merry-go-round scheme.
Makutano Junction S01Ep01

Meet the Makutano community. Dr. Washington collects payments from patients, Maspeedy stresses the importance of milk hygiene and we meet playboy Karis.
Makutano Junction - Money Matters

Maspeedy talks to Shaka and Nancy about taking out a loan to expand his business.
Makutano Junction - Embezzlement

Bill and Dodgy learn about accountability.
Makutano Junction - Pyramid Schemes

The market women are pulled into a market scheme.
Makutano Junction - Good Business Sense

Maspeedy & PP try to use good business sense.
Makutano Junction - Milk Production

Maspeedy and PP try to make more profit on the milk.
Makutano Junction - Taxes

The market women dispute a tax rise.
Makutano Junction - Micro-Finance

The market women get involved in micro-finance to fund their new piece of land.
Makutano Junction - pyramid scheme

People of Makutano are lured to invest their money on a pyramid scheme, which later fails and they all lose their money. S05Ep09
Makutano Junction - Costs At The Health centre

Health Centre charges. S04Ep03
Makutano Junction - Budgeting with Mama Pima

Mama Pima learns to spend money within her means
Makutano Junction - Pyramid Scheme

Don't get conned by easy money. S05Ep09
Makutano Junction S02Ep09

Local election campaigns heat up in Makutano, and result in a fair and democratic election. The market women are doing well in their co-operative. Karis is still struggling with debt.
Makutano Junction S02Ep05

Maspeedy faces challenges with his milk deliveries and his finances, he comes down with malaria. The market women learn their application for the micro finance program has been approved.
Makutano Junction S03Ep10

Snake still owes Karis money but wants another loan, it's not long before everyone hears about Karis' money lending scheme. There's a talent show at the bar, but who in Makutano has any talent?
Makutano Junction S03Ep04

Anna complains that her children want money for text books, but text books are supposed to be free. This highlights the importance of transparency of school funds and a PTA meeting is called.
Makutano Junction S03Ep02

PP approaches Matano to find out how to make sileage and he gives him a lesson. Washington is desperate for money so Karis lends him KSh2,000.
Makutano Junction S05Ep09

Mama Mboga brings Eddie to the market, he's an investment banker and the market women are thrilled. PP explains it's a pyramid scheme. Anna sells her family's mosquito nets to make money.
Makutano Junction S05Ep08

Young Lilletti faces abuse at home from her uncle, but the community find out and take action. Mama Pima joins an investment scheme.
Makutano Junction S05Ep05

The townspeople welcome back Hope, and the market women approach her for a loan. She explains about the Community Development Fund. Josiah is covering up domestic violence, and he's not the only one.
Makutano Junction S05Ep01

Anna is incresingly frustrated with Josiah - her anger turns violent. Hope is outraged at how little Prescilla pays the hairdressers, while Matata is busy trying to ruin her new career.
Makutano Junction S06Ep12

Both Kara and PP advise George to be careful with his inheritance money, but he has other ideas. He takes Stella, Florence and Kara on a camping trip that goes horribly wrong.
Makutano Junction S06Ep09

Stella proposes an income-generating project to help Violet and other women who are struggling financially. Matata hijacks the talent show and Karis is still suffering from depression.
Makutano Junction S07Ep11

The hardware store is struggling due to Karis' meddling, and he waste's no time in making money from his fathers downfall. Shani seeks advice from Bill and Dodgy on safe sex and Red and PP make up.
Makutano Junction S07Ep09

It is the day of PP and Toni's dowry talks, but there's tension in the air. Shiko is arrested for prostitution, she's struggling to feed her orphan family and Matano looks for ways to help.
Makutano Junction S07Ep07

Red makes a difficult decision about her pregnancy, and Bettina finds herself prostituting to earn enough money to live. Anna faces an abortion due to health reasons.
Makutano Junction S07Ep01

Bettina gets threatened out of town, while dowry talks for PP and Toni's wedding commence. Bill gets arrested sparking protests.
Makutano Junction S08Ep09

Sharon realises the importance of ante natal care. Bernadette investigates Shiko's mistreatment, and Phidelis strikes a deal with KK to cover her tracks and make some money. Agri's case goes to trial.
Makutano Junction S09Ep11

Nancy wants to see the radio account books so Bill and Dodgy learn the importance of accountability. Oliver is being discriminated against because he is gay, and the Chief gets involved to help.
Makutano Junction S09Ep06

Florence learns how to save her money, and the market women learn about accountability. Toni tries to deal with her unwanted pregnancy.
Makutano Junction S09Ep02

Agnes is struggling with money and it's affecting Pennina at school. Josiah is arrested for a scam at the hardware store.
Makutano Junction S09Ep01

Maspeedy decides which bank account to open, Agnes is worried that Lillian may have been a victim of child trafficking, and Matano highlights the issue of global warming
Makutano Junction S10Ep13

Maspeedy learns how to access his money using an ATM and his mobile phone. PP and Red's party goes off with a bang, but Red is distracted. Will Agnes keep her bargain with Joseph?
Makutano Junction S10Ep05

The Government wants to take the market women's land for a tree planting scheme, Karis' business is doing well but Nancy is furious. PP faces Bernadette to tell her the news of his marriage.
Makutano Junction S10Ep03

Bill tries to sort out the debt that Dodgy has got their radio station into, and Nancy is demanding answers. Joseph wants to go into business with Karis. Shani and Lillian learn about contraception.
Makutano Junction S10Ep01

Makutano gets a new Bank, & Mama pima learns the benefits of the new bank
Makutano Junction S12Ep12

More women seek advice from Lillian on banking. Fed up with the lack of funding from the Ministry, Dr Hannah calls for a strike at the medical center.
Makutano Junction S12Ep10

Lillian talks to Mama Pima and Bettina about opening a bank account and Dr. Hannah tries to introduce healthy eating to Makutano. PP stands down from elections due to rumors about his divorce.
Makutano Junction S12Ep09

Anna and Lena spot Elvis with a lot of cash and he is forced to admit to parents he took a loan because the FPE funds never arrived. Mabuki uses an SMS system to test his solar lamps
Makutano Junction S12Ep07

There's a new headteacher in town who pledges to secure FPE money to improve the classroom. Shaka develops a loan scheme to help people buy solar lamps.
Makutano Junction S13Ep09

Shaka gets on the wrong side of the market women when promoting Nawiri Dada, and has to work hard to convince them to keep their bank accounts. Hannah's campaign for a healthy Makutano continues.
Makutano Junction S13Ep07

Margaret plays detective when money goes missing from her phone, Snake tries his best to impress Lena and Thomas sorts out his own girl problems.
Makutano Junction S13Ep03

Bettina has second thoughts about her campaign for women's rep, Bernadette opens a bank account, and Washington enlists Snake to help him get revenge on Matano. Mama Pima makes a shocking discovery...
Makutano Junction S13Ep02

Worried about Mabuki's popularity, Washington uses his position in the church to incite hatred and get more votes. Mama Pima and Bettina are having banking troubles, and MJ's favorite doctor returns.
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