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Makutano Junction Sn 1: Episode 8

Baraka's maize yield is lower than expected but Albert is on hand to help. Mama Mboga and Margaret come up with a business idea.
Makutano Junction Sn 3: Episode 7

Karis is involved in illegal money lending while the rest of town gets involved in a community football match. Anna goes into labour.
Makutano Junction Sn 1: Episode 11

Snake is out to sabotage the medical centre plans, with devastating consquences. Albert stops Baraka from using pesticides, advocating crop rotation instead.
Makutano Junction Sn 1: Episode 10

Rose decides to organise classes on puberty. Erasmus' drinking is causing more problems and the market women take action. Nancy sets up a womens group who decide to build a medical centre
Makutano Junction Sn 1: Episode 9

Karis is in debt and Erasmus' behavior is getting worse both in and out of school. The school committee meet to discuss a book bid.
Makutano Junction Sn 1: Episode 2

Nancy plans to open a pharmacy, while the market women learn the pro's and con's of their merry-go-round scheme.
Makutano Junction clips: Peace Together

Working together for Peace
Makutano Junction Clips: Corruption

Discourage corrupt government dealings
Makutano Junction Clips: Police Shooting

Police' misuse of fire arms.
Makutano Junction Clips: Volunteering

PP needs volunteers for the fire service.
Makutano Junction Clips: Fire Service

PP wants to start a fire station
Makutano Junction Clips: Medical Complacency

Dr. Chalres has to deal with a non-medical problem in the health centre.
Makutano Junction Clips: Collective Blame

Blame is on everyone in MJ for these realised failures.
Makutano Junction Clips: Local People

The importance of listening to local people who often know best.
Makutano Junction Clips: Presidency

What is takes to run the country.
Makutano Junction Clips: Women and the Law

The women of MJ face opposition by a male police force.
Makutano Junction Clips: Choosing a Committee

The importance of a committee.
Makutano Junction Clips: Tribal Language

A new tribal radio station is set up.
Makutano Junction Clips: Community Based Operation

The importance of working together as a community.
Makutano Junction Clips: Health Care Centre

The health care centre in MJ is praised.
Makutano Junction Clips: School Committee

Putting together a school committee.
Makutano Junction Clips: Litter Collection

The village women have no litter collection, much to their disgust.
Makutano Junction Clips: Working Together

Th market women work to fix a burst water pipe.
Makutano Junction Clips: Community Justice

The women of the town get together to help Mama Mboga get justice against Erasumus after he spends all the money needed for the baby on alcohol.
Makutano Junction Clips: Reusing Uniforms

it is suggested that uniforms are available to be reused by people who cannot afford new Primary school uniforms.
Makutano Junction Clips: Truth, Justice and Reconciliation

A drama about proceedings of a Truth Justice and Reconceliation Commision Meeting in Makutano Junction. S09Ep09
Makutano Junction Clips: Health Committtees

The set up of Health Committees. S06Ep10
Makutano Junction Sn 2: Episode 10

Noise from the orphanage is causing a disturbance in town, Washington is still running a corrupt establishment. Jonathan becomes violent towards Rose. Matano calls a community meeting.
Makutano Junction Sn 2: Episode 2

Snake carries out his community service while Peggy is still struggling with accepting her HIV status. The school hosts a PTA meeting to try and help 3 orphans.
Makutano Junction Sn 3: Episode 11

George's uncles are trying to steal his land claiming inheritance rights, Matano gets involved and Hope calls a meeting. Celina falls sick with malaria and Karis gets a taste of his own medicine.
Makutano Junction Sn 3: Episode 10

Snake still owes Karis money but wants another loan, it's not long before everyone hears about Karis' money lending scheme. There's a talent show at the bar, but who in Makutano has any talent?
Makutano Junction Sn 3: Episode 5

PP learns the consequences of drinking and smoking, and Hope still faces challenges because she is a woman in a position of power, but manages to set up a crime prevention group in Makutano.
Makutano Junction Sn 4: Episode 13

Mama Pima runs a counselling session for rape victims, but is it too late to help Kara? The MP candidates are trying their best to get last minute votes, the radio station announces the winner.
Makutano Junction Sn 4: Episode 12

The market women take action against Matata's quarry project, and a tribunal is called with the community. Matata tries to bribe the judge but it doesn't work out as he'd planned...
Makutano Junction Sn 4: Episode 9

Bobby claims another victim, but she makes the brave decision to go to the clinic. While Hope and Pendo work hard to try and stop the quarry development, the MP campaigns are heating up.
Makutano Junction Sn 5: Episode 8

Young Lilletti faces abuse at home from her uncle, but the community find out and take action. Mama Pima joins an investment scheme.
Makutano Junction Sn 6: Episode 13

Matata is constructing a road through Makutano and plans to demolish buildings, which doesn't go down well with the community. Margaret goes into labour.
Makutano Junction Sn 6: Episode 8

Snake demands 'protection fees' from the Market Women who are not of his tribe, which sparks tribal tension in the whole community. Washington wastes no time in turning it into a publicity stunt.
Makutano Junction Sn 6: Episode 6

Washington and Matata plot to give council positions only to members of their own tribe. Honest is back to his old tricks but Toni and Mercy are on the case, and the corrupt prison officer is exposed.
Makutano Junction Sn 6: Episode 4

Washington ruins the opening of the community radio station. Violet talks to Hope about her health problems, Hope supsects it is fistula and starts a campaign to educate the community on the condition
Makutano Junction Sn 7: Episode 12

Josiah is coaching the girl's soccer team and there's a big match to be played. Winston is suffering in more way than one from the hardware store debt.
Makutano Junction Sn 7: Episode 5

The community receive some terrible news about Mama Mboga. Snake and Josiah get involved with stealing electricity cables to make quick money, but soon realize it's a crime that affects the whole town
Makutano Junction Sn 7: Episode 4

Electricity theft is causing blackouts in Makutano, and the school holds a meeting to discuss private vs public education. Bettina and Shiro both experience sexual assault, Shiro turns to Childline.
Makutano Junction Sn 7: Episode 2

The CDF committee have a meeting, and realise the need to be more accountable. Hope announces a drastic decision and Margaret learns about breast feeding vs bottle feeding.
Makutano Junction Sn 8: Episode 13

Sharon's abuse is continuing so Maspeedy gathers the men of Makutano to try and talk to KK. Florence has a date with Vincent...at the health centre! And Dodgy and Toni's UK dreams come crashing down.
Makutano Junction Sn 8: Episode 10

Phidelis is chased out of town by the Chief, leaving Shiko and Shiro to take care of themselves, with the help of the community. Dodgy and Yvonne are both trying to get to the UK.
Makutano Junction Sn 8: Episode 8

Red tries to deal with the malaria problem in Makutano, KK is giving Sharon the cold shoulder and Shaka's daughter wants to study in the UK
Makutano Junction Sn 8: Episode 6

The political campaigns in Makutano are in full swing, but not everyone is playing fair. Sharon finds out she's pregnant and Bettina is still haunted by post election violence
Makutano Junction Sn 8: Episode 4

The Makutano community hold a democratic peace meeting to settle differences, Bettina struggles to come to terms with the violence she experienced in the last elections.
Makutano Junction Sn 8: Episode 3

A tribal divide starts to appear in Makutano as the candidates target their own tribes people on radio. Red tries to protect the indigenous tree's on Mboga's land for the benefit of the community.
Makutano Junction Sn 8: Episode 1

The market women give statements against a suspected child molester and the sergeant encourages them to give evidence in court.
Makutano Junction Sn 9: Episode 12

The Matata's discuss presidential vs parliamentary systems of government, while Red helps Bill and Dodgy sort out their own office politics.
Makutano Junction Sn 9: Episode 11

Nancy wants to see the radio account books so Bill and Dodgy learn the importance of accountability. Oliver is being discriminated against because he is gay, and the Chief gets involved to help.
Makutano Junction Sn 10: Episode 11

Mulani and Red try to sort out Toby's troubles at school, inspiring Pendo to talk to the children about bullying. The kids come up with a school constitution. Joseph makes a sinister offer to Agnes...
Makutano Junction Sn 11: Episode 10

Washington and Dr. Penny's scam with health centre drugs puts people's lives in danger, they are discovered and the Health Centre Commitee have a meeting. Josiah wants to send Beatrice to the UK.
Makutano Junction Sn 11: Episode 8

Joseph's plan to illegally divert Makutano's water supply is causing a drought, and the community demand to know what's going on. It inspires them to set up a water management committee.
Makutano Junction Sn 11: Episode 6

Snake and Karis are making dodgy money out of the water shortage in town, while the girls at Makutano Primary struggle with the school's poor sanitation facilities.
Makutano Junction Sn 12: Episode 3

Mabuki sets up a political party, Bill runs for council, Joseph is Matata's election manager and Washington has plans to run for power too. So what are the rules in party politics?
Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 10

There is a new cop in town, but all is not as it seems. Is he as clean as the Chief? The community get together to help Anna and Josiah. Mabuki is looking for a political adviser, will Karis succeed?
Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 9

Shaka gets on the wrong side of the market women when promoting Nawiri Dada, and has to work hard to convince them to keep their bank accounts. Hannah's campaign for a healthy Makutano continues.
Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 8

Tony and Flo need to come up with a plan to keep the Cyber going when PP decides to sell it. Bill, Frankie and Dodgy try to get people to sign up for their poverty relief scheme but it backfires.
Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 7

Margaret plays detective when money goes missing from her phone, Snake tries his best to impress Lena and Thomas sorts out his own girl problems.
Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 3

Bettina has second thoughts about her campaign for women's rep, Bernadette opens a bank account, and Washington enlists Snake to help him get revenge on Matano. Mama Pima makes a shocking discovery...
Makutano Junction Sn 13: Episode 2

Worried about Mabuki's popularity, Washington uses his position in the church to incite hatred and get more votes. Mama Pima and Bettina are having banking troubles, and MJ's favorite doctor returns.