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Makutano Junction S01Ep12

Snake is desperate to avoid questioning in relation to Leonard's death, and tries to strike a deal with Karis that goes wrong. A loan for the new medical centre is approved. Maspeedy gets a pannier.
Makutano Junction S01Ep06

Karis blackmails Nancy, and is up to no good in the bar as well. There is an outbreak of malaria in town but Dr. Washingotn refuses to treat Mama Mboga's sick son.
Makutano Junction - Going to Court

The importance of seeing a case make trial.
Makutano Junction - Bribery

The issues surrounding bribery.
Makutano Junction - Reporting Child Abuse

The importance of reporting sexual abuse
Makutano Junction - Child Rights

The importance of child's rights.
Makutano Junction - Child Protection

The importance of protecting children.
Makutano Junction - Back Street Abortion

Red thinks about having an abortion.
Makutano Junction - Stealing Electricity

Snake and Josiah are stealing electricity.
Makutano Junction - Corruption & MP's

Corruption and the law.
Makutano Junction - Illegal Radio Show

PP is involved in an illegal radio show.
Makutano Junction - Child Molesting

A child is molestered in MJ
Makutano Junction - Disciplining Children

Washington uses corporal punishment in the school.
Makutano Junction - Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse happens in the home.
Makutano Junction - Rape & Reporting It

The importance of reporting a rape.
Makutano Junction - Rape Blame

Blame is spread over the rape issue.
Makutano Junction - Commonality of Rape

The daktari discusses the commonality of rape.
Makutano Junction - Rape

Opening up about rape.
Makutano Junction - Blackmail

Red faces blackmail.
Makutano Junction - Domestic Abuse

Rose faces the decision about what to do to her husband.
Makutano Junction - Domestic Abuse

Rose is embarrassed about the cut on her face.
Makutano Junction - Domestic Abuse

Rose encounters domestic abuse at the hand of her husband.
Makutano Junction - Josiah's Trial

Josiah's trial finally takes place -- We outline what happens during a criminal trial. S09Ep13
Makutano Junction - Truth, Justice and Reconciliation

A drama about proceedings of a Truth Justice and Reconceliation Commision Meeting in Makutano Junction. S09Ep09
Makutano Junction - Trial Proceedings for Man Slaughter

Mr. Mulani is accused of man slaughter for the death of his wife. S05Ep4
Makutano Junction - Pyramid Scheme

Don't get conned by easy money. S05Ep09
Makutano Junction - Reporting Criminals

Information on reporting criminals
Makutano Junction S03Ep10

Snake still owes Karis money but wants another loan, it's not long before everyone hears about Karis' money lending scheme. There's a talent show at the bar, but who in Makutano has any talent?
Makutano Junction S03Ep05

PP learns the consequences of drinking and smoking, and Hope still faces challenges because she is a woman in a position of power, but manages to set up a crime prevention group in Makutano.
Makutano Junction S04Ep12

The market women take action against Matata's quarry project, and a tribunal is called with the community. Matata tries to bribe the judge but it doesn't work out as he'd planned...
Makutano Junction S04Ep11

Pendo deals with a difficult case of a child with a mental disorder, Red confides in PP about her fathers trial and Washington recieves a blow to his pride.
Makutano Junction S05Ep12

The market women put on a play for the whole town about the recent events. Hope finds out about Matata's dodgy dealings and takes action, and Honest is finally caught red handed.
Makutano Junction S05Ep04

Dr. Charles suspects Stella has bipolar depression, while Margaret has a very different condition! There's corruption in the health centre and as usual, Karis is involved. Mulani goes to trial.
Makutano Junction S07Ep09

It is the day of PP and Toni's dowry talks, but there's tension in the air. Shiko is arrested for prostitution, she's struggling to feed her orphan family and Matano looks for ways to help.
Makutano Junction S07Ep07

Red makes a difficult decision about her pregnancy, and Bettina finds herself prostituting to earn enough money to live. Anna faces an abortion due to health reasons.
Makutano Junction S07Ep05

The community receive some terrible news about Mama Mboga. Snake and Josiah get involved with stealing electricity cables to make quick money, but soon realize it's a crime that affects the whole town
Makutano Junction S07Ep04

Electricity theft is causing blackouts in Makutano, and the school holds a meeting to discuss private vs public education. Bettina and Shiro both experience sexual assault, Shiro turns to Childline.
Makutano Junction S07Ep01

Bettina gets threatened out of town, while dowry talks for PP and Toni's wedding commence. Bill gets arrested sparking protests.
Makutano Junction S08Ep11

Vincent is feeling the effects of unprotected sex and Shani is caught dealing in stolen goods. Nema seeks help from Childline 116 on how to handle him.
Makutano Junction S08Ep10

Phidelis is chased out of town by the Chief, leaving Shiko and Shiro to take care of themselves, with the help of the community. Dodgy and Yvonne are both trying to get to the UK.
Makutano Junction S08Ep09

Sharon realises the importance of ante natal care. Bernadette investigates Shiko's mistreatment, and Phidelis strikes a deal with KK to cover her tracks and make some money. Agri's case goes to trial.
Makutano Junction S08Ep06

The political campaigns in Makutano are in full swing, but not everyone is playing fair. Sharon finds out she's pregnant and Bettina is still haunted by post election violence
Makutano Junction S08Ep01

The market women give statements against a suspected child molester and the sergeant encourages them to give evidence in court.
Makutano Junction S09Ep13

Josiah goes to court for his trial - will he be proven innocent?
Makutano Junction S09Ep11

Nancy wants to see the radio account books so Bill and Dodgy learn the importance of accountability. Oliver is being discriminated against because he is gay, and the Chief gets involved to help.
Makutano Junction S09Ep08

Shani seeks advice on safe sex and Toni resorts to desperate and dangerous measures to fix her pregnancy problem...
Makutano Junction S09Ep06

Florence learns how to save her money, and the market women learn about accountability. Toni tries to deal with her unwanted pregnancy.
Makutano Junction S09Ep05

Lillian gets back from the UK, but reveals that she was a victim of domestic slavery. Vincent tries to get himself out of the debt that his dodgy deals got him into.
Makutano Junction S09Ep02

Agnes is struggling with money and it's affecting Pennina at school. Josiah is arrested for a scam at the hardware store.
Makutano Junction S10Ep10

Pendo is concerned about two orphans living alone, and Red faces a tricky situation when a woman comes to her wanting help with an abortion.
Makutano Junction S10Ep07

The baber shop is robbed because of Dodgy's debt problems, and Oliver continues to be discriminated against because he is gay.
Makutano Junction S11Ep10

Washington and Dr. Penny's scam with health centre drugs puts people's lives in danger, they are discovered and the Health Centre Commitee have a meeting. Josiah wants to send Beatrice to the UK.
Makutano Junction S13Ep04

Worried that they are losing votes, Joseph comes up with a drastic plan with Washington and Snake - but is the Chief one step ahead? Exam results are out and Eva and Thomas must think about the future