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Makutano Junction S01Ep10

Rose decides to organise classes on puberty. Erasmus' drinking is causing more problems and the market women take action. Nancy sets up a womens group who decide to build a medical centre
Makutano Junction S01Ep09

Karis is in debt and Erasmus' behavior is getting worse both in and out of school. The school committee meet to discuss a book bid.
Makutano Junction S01Ep03

There is a school management commitee meeting and a school finance commitee is formed too. The community are still adjusting to free primary education.
Makutano Junction - Free Primary Education

The teachers are not performing to their expected standard.
Makutano Junction - Teachers

Teachers at MJ Primary School.
Makutano Junction - Teacher Training

The importance of having fully qualified teachers.
Makutano Junction Trailer

Makutano Junction Trailer
Makutano Junction - Using Google

PiPi shows everyone how to use Google.
Makutano Junction - Free Education

We discuss free education for children.
Makutano Junction - Teacher Training

The teachers are causing issues.
Makutano Junction - Free Primary Education

The school is having issues with its teachers.
Makutano Junction - Safe Sex

Promoting safe sex.
Makutano Junction - Illegal Abortion

Toni wants to stop her pregnancy.
Makutano Junction - Pre School

MJ residents discuss the importance of send the children to a good pre school.
Makutano Junction - Phased Out Drugs

Taking drugs that have been phased out by the government.
Makutano Junction - Counterfeit Drugs

Using counterfit drugs
Makutano Junction - Using Protection

The importance of using condoms.
Makutano Junction - Private Education

Anna and Josiah fight about where their children should go to school.
Makutano Junction - Adult Literacy

The adults are offered free classes.
Makutano Junction - Adult Literacy

The school offers adult literacy lessons.
Makutano Junction - Men's Sexual Health

The men discuss the importance of discussing sexual health.
Makutano Junction - Contraception

PP tries to find contraception as he is keen to practice safe sex, however he is tempted with out of date condoms which are a hazard.
Makutano Junction - Correct Uniforms

The new headmistress promises no child will be sent home from school for not having the correct school uniform.
Makutano Junction - Reusing Uniforms

it is suggested that uniforms are available to be reused by people who cannot afford new Primary school uniforms.
Makutano Junction - Free Primary Education

The women of Makutano discuss free primary education.
Debt - managing it

How people get into debt that they cannot handle and how to avoid it
Investment - making your money grow

Josiah learns about investing
Investment - what are the options?

What are the things we need to think about when we want to choose an investment option?
Investment - expert advice

What is your investment plan?
Saving - Anna thinks saving is for people with a lot of money

Anna's business is doing well, but she doesn't think she should save for a rainy day.
Saving - Why do people find it hard to save money?

People state the reasons they find it hard to save money.
Saving - Ways to overcome the barriers to savings

What steps have you taken to overcome the barriers to savings
Budgeting - How do you spend your money?

How do you spend your money? What are the leaks?
Budgeting - Steps to improve the use of your money

What steps have you taken to stop the leaks and improve the use of your money?
Budgeting - expert advice

Six steps to get you budgeting.
Makutano Junction S04Ep11

Pendo deals with a difficult case of a child with a mental disorder, Red confides in PP about her fathers trial and Washington recieves a blow to his pride.
Makutano Junction S04Ep05

The community are feeling the benifts of Matano's adult education classes, while Hope faces challenges of standing for MP as a woman.
Makutano Junction S04Ep03

Doctor/Bishop Washington now takes on a new title - of acting headmaster! He tries to treat the kids at school himself but is warned off by Dr. Charles. A new headmistress comes to take over.
Makutano Junction S05Ep11

The rubbish dump continues to cause problems: the children at school are getting sick due to bad water, and vegetables are dying. Matata is up to no good as usual.
Makutano Junction S06Ep04

Washington ruins the opening of the community radio station. Violet talks to Hope about her health problems, Hope supsects it is fistula and starts a campaign to educate the community on the condition
Makutano Junction S07Ep11

The hardware store is struggling due to Karis' meddling, and he waste's no time in making money from his fathers downfall. Shani seeks advice from Bill and Dodgy on safe sex and Red and PP make up.
Makutano Junction S07Ep07

Red makes a difficult decision about her pregnancy, and Bettina finds herself prostituting to earn enough money to live. Anna faces an abortion due to health reasons.
Makutano Junction S07Ep04

Electricity theft is causing blackouts in Makutano, and the school holds a meeting to discuss private vs public education. Bettina and Shiro both experience sexual assault, Shiro turns to Childline.
Makutano Junction S07Ep03

Red and PP approach Mabuki with a business plan, and Titus returns sparking old tribal tensions. Matata promotes his new school and Bernadette complains to Pendo about the running of Makutano Primary.
Makutano Junction S08Ep07

Girls in Makutano Primary are frequently missing class due to the school's lack of sanitation facilities. Malaria cases are high in Makutano and Red is convinced it's because of global warming.
Makutano Junction S09Ep11

Nancy wants to see the radio account books so Bill and Dodgy learn the importance of accountability. Oliver is being discriminated against because he is gay, and the Chief gets involved to help.
Makutano Junction S09Ep07

Pendo is worried about Beatrice who is skipping class and Josiah learns he has rights as a prisoner.
Makutano Junction S09Ep06

Florence learns how to save her money, and the market women learn about accountability. Toni tries to deal with her unwanted pregnancy.
Makutano Junction S09Ep01

Maspeedy decides which bank account to open, Agnes is worried that Lillian may have been a victim of child trafficking, and Matano highlights the issue of global warming
Makutano Junction S10Ep13

Maspeedy learns how to access his money using an ATM and his mobile phone. PP and Red's party goes off with a bang, but Red is distracted. Will Agnes keep her bargain with Joseph?
Makutano Junction S10Ep11

Mulani and Red try to sort out Toby's troubles at school, inspiring Pendo to talk to the children about bullying. The kids come up with a school constitution. Joseph makes a sinister offer to Agnes...
Makutano Junction S10Ep01

Makutano gets a new Bank, & Mama pima learns the benefits of the new bank
Makutano Junction S11Ep12

Josiah has sent Beatrice to the UK, but it was all part of a child trafficking scam. Washington re-opens his chemist, and Lillian comes back to town sworn to secrecy.
Makutano Junction S11Ep11

Florence and Toni discover the benefits of joining the PASHA digital village to help with their business, and Florence comes to terms with her epilepsy.
Makutano Junction S11Ep08

Joseph's plan to illegally divert Makutano's water supply is causing a drought, and the community demand to know what's going on. It inspires them to set up a water management committee.
Makutano Junction S11Ep07

Nurse Kate is concerned that the health centre's supplies are low, and drug deliveries from the ministry are late...is there corruption in the health centre? Karis' school toilet scam is discovered.
Makutano Junction S11Ep06

Snake and Karis are making dodgy money out of the water shortage in town, while the girls at Makutano Primary struggle with the school's poor sanitation facilities.
Makutano Junction S11Ep05

PP shares his knowledge of the government e-registry to help Mabuki and Baraka with their business permit, and the salon girls help Bernadette surf the web on her phone.
Makutano Junction S11Ep03

PP uses Google to help the girls with their radio station. Joseph offers Josiah a job - illegally diverting community water to the Matata flower farm.
Makutano Junction S11Ep02

A teacher at Makutano Primary is moonlighting, neglecting his teaching duties to make extra money.
Makutano Junction S11Ep01

Stella has just been hired as a teacher at Makutano Primary but Bernadette questions her ability.
Makutano Junction S12Ep07

There's a new headteacher in town who pledges to secure FPE money to improve the classroom. Shaka develops a loan scheme to help people buy solar lamps.
Makutano Junction S12Ep06

Washington rediscovers God and Pendo decides to run in the elections, with PP's party. The elections are the main topic of Makutano. Thomas worries about further education.
Makutano Junction S13Ep04

Worried that they are losing votes, Joseph comes up with a drastic plan with Washington and Snake - but is the Chief one step ahead? Exam results are out and Eva and Thomas must think about the future
Makutano Junction S13Ep01

Anna overcomes her fears, and her husbands, to open up a bank account. Pendo refuses to drop out of the election campaign despite being kidnapped and beaten by thugs from the opposition.
Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep06 - Vijana Tusome

Stevo is asked to teach class two and discovers that the pupils can hardly read and decides to tell their parents.
Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep02 - The Graduate

Education, Stevo, Mama Pima's Son is back as a graduate and Mama Pima is very happy and proud but Stevo has a big secret.
School Shape Up Episode 1

We visit Moi girls secondary school in Marsabit to shape it up.
School Shape Up Episode 4

Moi girls secondary school in Marsabit to shape it up conclusion