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Makutano Junction S01Ep09

Karis is in debt and Erasmus' behavior is getting worse both in and out of school. The school committee meet to discuss a book bid.
Makutano Junction S01Ep04

PP and Maspeedy discuss milk hygiene, Mama Mboga has money worries and Cheryl continues to meddle with Karis and Nancy.
Makutano Junction S01Ep01

Meet the Makutano community. Dr. Washington collects payments from patients, Maspeedy stresses the importance of milk hygiene and we meet playboy Karis.
Makutano Junction Trailer

Makutano Junction Trailer
Makutano Junction - Protecting The Environment

Red calls for environmental protection.
Makutano Junction - Going to Court

The importance of seeing a case make trial.
Makutano Junction - Dealing with HIV

Learning to deal with HIV
Makutano Junction - Standing for Elections

We learn what is needed to stand for election.
Makutano Junction - Living with HIV

What one will face living with HIV
Makutano Junction - Hospital Births

Hospital births versus home births
Makutano Junction - HIV Prejudice

Margret is facing prejudice against her new HIV status.
Makutano Junction - Dealing with HIV

Margret is dealing with gossip about her HIV status.
Makutano Junction - Orphans

MJ looks at what to do with the orphans taken from Washington.
Makutano Juction - Malaria Symptoms

Mama Mboga describes the symptoms of her baby to the doctor.
Makutano Junction - Environment Protection and Corruption

We see how the Court helps protect the Environment, and especially from Corrupt Individuals
Makutano Junction - Josiah's Trial

Josiah's trial finally takes place -- We outline what happens during a criminal trial. S09Ep13
Makutano Junction - Truth, Justice and Reconciliation

A drama about proceedings of a Truth Justice and Reconceliation Commision Meeting in Makutano Junction. S09Ep09
Makutano Junction - Trial Proceedings for Man Slaughter

Mr. Mulani is accused of man slaughter for the death of his wife. S05Ep4
Makutano Junction - pyramid scheme

People of Makutano are lured to invest their money on a pyramid scheme, which later fails and they all lose their money. S05Ep09
Makutano Junction - Adult Literacy Class

Matano discovers that Snake cannot do simply additional sums and decides to start a Adult Literacy class to benefit all of Makutano. S04Ep02
Makutano Junction - HIV Testing in Couples

Pendo demands that She and Dr Charles take a HIV test if they are to stay together. Dr Charles is scared and tries to test himself without talking to a counselor first.
Makutano Junction - Maternal Health

Margaret's story, breast feeding vs formula
Makutano Junction - ARV's

Importance of taking ARV's. S03Ep09
Makutano Junction - TB

Getting tested for TB is free, TB can be dangerous if not treated. S04Ep04
Makutano Junction - Paraffin Poisoning

Information about paraffin poisoning. S06Ep03
Child Abuse 116

Are you a victim? Do you know of a victim? There is help out there
Makutano Junction - Costs At The Health centre

Health Centre charges. S04Ep03
Makutano Junction - Health Committtees

The set up of Health Committees. S06Ep10
Saving - advice

Saving money for a better future
Debt - managing it

How people get into debt that they cannot handle and how to avoid it
Makutano Junction - Budgeting with Mama Pima

Mama Pima learns to spend money within her means
Investment - making your money grow

Josiah learns about investing
Makutano Junction - Pyramid Scheme

Don't get conned by easy money. S05Ep09
Investment - what are the options?

What are the things we need to think about when we want to choose an investment option?
Investment - expert advice

What is your investment plan?
Saving - Anna thinks saving is for people with a lot of money

Anna's business is doing well, but she doesn't think she should save for a rainy day.
Makutano Junction - Opening a Bank Account

Maspeedy wants to open a bank account in makutano
Makutano Junction - Malaria Treatment

ACP drugs help malaria-don't accept anything else AND If malaria is left it will develop into cerebral malaria which is very serious. S07Ep08
Makutano Junction - Preventing Malaria

Mosquito nets should be used for protection and not sold on. S05Ep09
Makutano Junction - Maize Stalk Borer

Maize stalk borer can cause devastation to your maize crop. S01Ep08
Makutano Junction - Making Silage

PP approaches Matano to find out how to make sileage. S03Ep02
Makutano Junction - Hand Milking

Information on hand milking from the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Development and Marketing
Banking - Opening a Bank Account

Advice on opening a bank account
Makutano Junction - Reporting Criminals

Information on reporting criminals
Makutano Junction S02Ep11

Karis and Snake's debt problems continue, Washington is accused of child trafficking, Margaret starts to come to terms with her HIV status, and gets support from everyone except Anna.
Makutano Junction S02Ep10

Noise from the orphanage is causing a disturbance in town, Washington is still running a corrupt establishment. Jonathan becomes violent towards Rose. Matano calls a community meeting.
Makutano Junction S02Ep09

Local election campaigns heat up in Makutano, and result in a fair and democratic election. The market women are doing well in their co-operative. Karis is still struggling with debt.
Makutano Junction S02Ep08

Jonathan tries to bribe Washington to get his vote in the local elections, but Washington is exploiting the orphans. The market women acquire land to grow their produce, but all is not as it seems.
Makutano Junction S02Ep06

The market women hold elections for their co-operative, Margaret becomes involved in a tribal law dispute.
Makutano Junction S02Ep04

Winston is starting to campaign for votes, and Anna discovers her family is suffering from malnutrition. The market women decide to start a co-operative, Maspeedy and PP want to start a business.
Makutano Junction S02Ep01

Washington has a career change, Nancy and Peggy both learn about the best way to keep their babies healthy, Peggy struggles to come to terms with her HIV status. The new health centre opens.
Makutano Junction S03Ep04

Anna complains that her children want money for text books, but text books are supposed to be free. This highlights the importance of transparency of school funds and a PTA meeting is called.
Makutano Junction S03Ep03

The new chief arrives in Makutano... but it is not what everyone expected!
Makutano Junction S03Ep02

PP approaches Matano to find out how to make sileage and he gives him a lesson. Washington is desperate for money so Karis lends him KSh2,000.
Makutano Junction S03Ep01

Matano introduces PP and Maspeedy to the notion of sileage -- it should increase milk productivity in the dry season. Mama Pima is practicing witchcraft, Anna learns more about ante natal care.
Makutano Junction S04Ep13

Mama Pima runs a counselling session for rape victims, but is it too late to help Kara? The MP candidates are trying their best to get last minute votes, the radio station announces the winner.
Makutano Junction S04Ep12

The market women take action against Matata's quarry project, and a tribunal is called with the community. Matata tries to bribe the judge but it doesn't work out as he'd planned...
Makutano Junction S04Ep11

Pendo deals with a difficult case of a child with a mental disorder, Red confides in PP about her fathers trial and Washington recieves a blow to his pride.
Makutano Junction S04Ep10

Episode 10 - Series 4
Makutano Junction S04Ep09

Bobby claims another victim, but she makes the brave decision to go to the clinic. While Hope and Pendo work hard to try and stop the quarry development, the MP campaigns are heating up.
Makutano Junction S04Ep06

The market stalls have been knocked down by the council and MP Matata uses this to his advantage. Cheryl and Karis' wedding is set to go ahead, until Cheryl makes a shocking last minute decision.
Makutano Junction S04Ep05

The community are feeling the benifts of Matano's adult education classes, while Hope faces challenges of standing for MP as a woman.
Makutano Junction S04Ep04

Mama Mboga is running for MP but there's a new face in town who is also campaigning. Josiah's health is getting worse and Dr. Charles confirms he has TB.
Makutano Junction S04Ep03

Doctor/Bishop Washington now takes on a new title - of acting headmaster! He tries to treat the kids at school himself but is warned off by Dr. Charles. A new headmistress comes to take over.
Makutano Junction S05Ep13

Bill and Dodgy are launching the radio station and there is an opening ceremony for the special needs centre. Karis is depressed and he takes drastic measures that leave the town in shock...
Makutano Junction S05Ep12

The market women put on a play for the whole town about the recent events. Hope finds out about Matata's dodgy dealings and takes action, and Honest is finally caught red handed.
Makutano Junction S05Ep11

The rubbish dump continues to cause problems: the children at school are getting sick due to bad water, and vegetables are dying. Matata is up to no good as usual.
Makutano Junction S05Ep09

Mama Mboga brings Eddie to the market, he's an investment banker and the market women are thrilled. PP explains it's a pyramid scheme. Anna sells her family's mosquito nets to make money.
Makutano Junction S05Ep08

Young Lilletti faces abuse at home from her uncle, but the community find out and take action. Mama Pima joins an investment scheme.
Makutano Junction S05Ep07

Mama Pima is teaching children with special needs, while Hope holds elections for the CDF committee. Pendo and Mama Pima ask for a CDF grant for the special needs classroom. Matano faces HIV stigma.
Makutano Junction S05Ep06

Matata wants his money from Karis, and sends his men in to teach him a lesson. Mercy gets a job as a nurse but Honest isn't happy with it. Anna decides not to press charges against Josiah.
Makutano Junction S05Ep05

The townspeople welcome back Hope, and the market women approach her for a loan. She explains about the Community Development Fund. Josiah is covering up domestic violence, and he's not the only one.
Makutano Junction S05Ep04

Dr. Charles suspects Stella has bipolar depression, while Margaret has a very different condition! There's corruption in the health centre and as usual, Karis is involved. Mulani goes to trial.
Makutano Junction S05Ep03

Snake still hasn't been tested for TB but continues to use Josiah's medicine. The market is suffering because the council hasn't collected the rubbish and PP decices to do something about it
Makutano Junction S05Ep02

Matano is worried he might have HIV and consults Dr. Charles. Washington is using corporal punishment in school and it results in a teachers meeting.
Makutano Junction S05Ep01

Anna is incresingly frustrated with Josiah - her anger turns violent. Hope is outraged at how little Prescilla pays the hairdressers, while Matata is busy trying to ruin her new career.
Makutano Junction S06Ep13

Matata is constructing a road through Makutano and plans to demolish buildings, which doesn't go down well with the community. Margaret goes into labour.
Makutano Junction S06Ep12

Both Kara and PP advise George to be careful with his inheritance money, but he has other ideas. He takes Stella, Florence and Kara on a camping trip that goes horribly wrong.
Makutano Junction S06Ep11

The health centre is short staffed and the nurses are struggling to keep up with important counselling sessions. PP tries to persuade Kara to go on a counselor training course.
Makutano Junction S06Ep10

It's election time for the healthcare committee; Bernadette vs Mama Mboga. Winston and Karis work out their differences, while Kate advises Bridget to take an HIV test as she has TB.
Makutano Junction S06Ep09

Stella proposes an income-generating project to help Violet and other women who are struggling financially. Matata hijacks the talent show and Karis is still suffering from depression.
Makutano Junction S06Ep08

Snake demands 'protection fees' from the Market Women who are not of his tribe, which sparks tribal tension in the whole community. Washington wastes no time in turning it into a publicity stunt.
Makutano Junction S06Ep07

Baraka is suffering from TB, while Nurse Kate takes an HIV test. Maspeedy is soaking seeds but Snake is convinced he's brewing alcohol!
Makutano Junction S06Ep06

Washington and Matata plot to give council positions only to members of their own tribe. Honest is back to his old tricks but Toni and Mercy are on the case, and the corrupt prison officer is exposed.
Makutano Junction S06Ep05

Bill has decided to run for councilor! Matata and Washington step up their campaign. The DJ's host a debate between candidates on the radio. Honest bribes the prison officer to let him out...
Makutano Junction S06Ep04

Washington ruins the opening of the community radio station. Violet talks to Hope about her health problems, Hope supsects it is fistula and starts a campaign to educate the community on the condition
Makutano Junction S06Ep03

Dodgy and Bill want funding to start their radio station. Dr. Charles treats a child for paraffin poisoning, Pendo feels guilty because the child was working at the market rather than attending class.
Makutano Junction S06Ep02

Karis is suffering from depression and Mercy discovers a shocking secret about Toni's past.
Makutano Junction S06Ep01

Matata is running for councillor and wants Washington on his side. Karis is still in hospital. Margaret and Matano learn about HIV positive pregnancy and childbirth.
Makutano Junction S07Ep13

Washington's wedding day and Matata is putting his final plans in place to make sure he is humiliated. That's not the only sinister action going on... Pendo tries to help a victim of child abuse.
Makutano Junction S07Ep12

Josiah is coaching the girl's soccer team and there's a big match to be played. Winston is suffering in more way than one from the hardware store debt.
Makutano Junction S07Ep11

The hardware store is struggling due to Karis' meddling, and he waste's no time in making money from his fathers downfall. Shani seeks advice from Bill and Dodgy on safe sex and Red and PP make up.
Makutano Junction S07Ep10

Mama Pima faces charges of child abuse for her househelp business, and Matano calls the community together to discuss children's rights. Matata comes up with a new plan to sink Washington.
Makutano Junction S07Ep09

It is the day of PP and Toni's dowry talks, but there's tension in the air. Shiko is arrested for prostitution, she's struggling to feed her orphan family and Matano looks for ways to help.
Makutano Junction S07Ep08

Washington starts an environmental campaign but the community aren't buying it. Mama Pima has complaints about her househelps, and Red is recovering in hospital. Will she tell Vincent the truth?
Makutano Junction S07Ep07

Red makes a difficult decision about her pregnancy, and Bettina finds herself prostituting to earn enough money to live. Anna faces an abortion due to health reasons.
Makutano Junction S07Ep06

Mama Pima is sick and Maspeedy tries to convince Dr. Charles that it is crypto - from poor hygiene when handling her cow. Pendo wants to take an HIV test with Charles but he's reluctant.
Makutano Junction S07Ep05

The community receive some terrible news about Mama Mboga. Snake and Josiah get involved with stealing electricity cables to make quick money, but soon realize it's a crime that affects the whole town
Makutano Junction S07Ep04

Electricity theft is causing blackouts in Makutano, and the school holds a meeting to discuss private vs public education. Bettina and Shiro both experience sexual assault, Shiro turns to Childline.
Makutano Junction S07Ep03

Red and PP approach Mabuki with a business plan, and Titus returns sparking old tribal tensions. Matata promotes his new school and Bernadette complains to Pendo about the running of Makutano Primary.
Makutano Junction S07Ep02

The CDF committee have a meeting, and realise the need to be more accountable. Hope announces a drastic decision and Margaret learns about breast feeding vs bottle feeding.
Makutano Junction S07Ep01

Bettina gets threatened out of town, while dowry talks for PP and Toni's wedding commence. Bill gets arrested sparking protests.
Makutano Junction S08Ep13

Sharon's abuse is continuing so Maspeedy gathers the men of Makutano to try and talk to KK. Florence has a date with Vincent...at the health centre! And Dodgy and Toni's UK dreams come crashing down.
Makutano Junction S08Ep12

Sharon is suffering at the hands of KK, but is too afraid to speak out, so the market women try to help her report it. Vincent finally seeks help for his sexually transmitted infection.
Makutano Junction S08Ep11

Vincent is feeling the effects of unprotected sex and Shani is caught dealing in stolen goods. Nema seeks help from Childline 116 on how to handle him.
Makutano Junction S08Ep10

Phidelis is chased out of town by the Chief, leaving Shiko and Shiro to take care of themselves, with the help of the community. Dodgy and Yvonne are both trying to get to the UK.
Makutano Junction S08Ep09

Sharon realises the importance of ante natal care. Bernadette investigates Shiko's mistreatment, and Phidelis strikes a deal with KK to cover her tracks and make some money. Agri's case goes to trial.
Makutano Junction S08Ep08

Red tries to deal with the malaria problem in Makutano, KK is giving Sharon the cold shoulder and Shaka's daughter wants to study in the UK
Makutano Junction S08Ep07

Girls in Makutano Primary are frequently missing class due to the school's lack of sanitation facilities. Malaria cases are high in Makutano and Red is convinced it's because of global warming.
Makutano Junction S08Ep06

The political campaigns in Makutano are in full swing, but not everyone is playing fair. Sharon finds out she's pregnant and Bettina is still haunted by post election violence
Makutano Junction S08Ep05

Margaret gets sick and suspects malaria, Red campaigns for environmental awareness and the political candidates of Makutano are in hot competition.
Makutano Junction S08Ep04

The Makutano community hold a democratic peace meeting to settle differences, Bettina struggles to come to terms with the violence she experienced in the last elections.
Makutano Junction S08Ep03

A tribal divide starts to appear in Makutano as the candidates target their own tribes people on radio. Red tries to protect the indigenous tree's on Mboga's land for the benefit of the community.
Makutano Junction S08Ep02

Nema decides to run for MP, but Shani's accident has made her some enemies. All the candidates running in Makutano present their nomination papers.
Makutano Junction S08Ep01

The market women give statements against a suspected child molester and the sergeant encourages them to give evidence in court.
Makutano Junction S09Ep13

Josiah goes to court for his trial - will he be proven innocent?
Makutano Junction S09Ep12

The Matata's discuss presidential vs parliamentary systems of government, while Red helps Bill and Dodgy sort out their own office politics.
Makutano Junction S09Ep11

Nancy wants to see the radio account books so Bill and Dodgy learn the importance of accountability. Oliver is being discriminated against because he is gay, and the Chief gets involved to help.
Makutano Junction S09Ep10

Three couples each have special evenings planned, and a lot is revealed about the different relationships and their attitudes to sex.
Makutano Junction S09Ep09

While Bettina seeks counselling to help her deal with the rape, a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Committee meeting is held in town for others to deal with the effects of post election violence.
Makutano Junction S09Ep08

Shani seeks advice on safe sex and Toni resorts to desperate and dangerous measures to fix her pregnancy problem...
Makutano Junction S09Ep07

Pendo is worried about Beatrice who is skipping class and Josiah learns he has rights as a prisoner.
Makutano Junction S09Ep06

Florence learns how to save her money, and the market women learn about accountability. Toni tries to deal with her unwanted pregnancy.
Makutano Junction S09Ep05

Lillian gets back from the UK, but reveals that she was a victim of domestic slavery. Vincent tries to get himself out of the debt that his dodgy deals got him into.
Makutano Junction S09Ep04

Sharon's baby fights for his life when he gets malaria
Makutano Junction S09Ep03

Mama Pima's brother in law tries to claim her land and her house, but the Chief reminds him of the law of succession and the constitution that overrules any tribal law of cultural practices.
Makutano Junction S09Ep02

Agnes is struggling with money and it's affecting Pennina at school. Josiah is arrested for a scam at the hardware store.
Makutano Junction S09Ep01

Maspeedy decides which bank account to open, Agnes is worried that Lillian may have been a victim of child trafficking, and Matano highlights the issue of global warming
Makutano Junction S10Ep13

Maspeedy learns how to access his money using an ATM and his mobile phone. PP and Red's party goes off with a bang, but Red is distracted. Will Agnes keep her bargain with Joseph?
Makutano Junction S10Ep12

Now that PP & Red have decided to have a baby, they go to see Nancy & Shaka about investing in the baby's future.
Makutano Junction S10Ep11

Mulani and Red try to sort out Toby's troubles at school, inspiring Pendo to talk to the children about bullying. The kids come up with a school constitution. Joseph makes a sinister offer to Agnes...
Makutano Junction S10Ep10

Pendo is concerned about two orphans living alone, and Red faces a tricky situation when a woman comes to her wanting help with an abortion.
Makutano Junction S10Ep09

Maspeedy talks to Shaka and Nancy about taking out a loan to expand his business. Karis and Joseph are playing dirty as usual, and Snake is grieving for Helen and the baby.
Makutano Junction S10Ep08

The market women stage a protest at the government acquisition of the orphans land, it is intended to be used for environmental conservation. Bettina is in trouble with her debt to Joseph and Karis.
Makutano Junction S10Ep07

The baber shop is robbed because of Dodgy's debt problems, and Oliver continues to be discriminated against because he is gay.
Makutano Junction S10Ep06

Helen catches malaria while she is pregnant and a distraught Snake is by her side as she and the baby fight for their lives in the health centre.
Makutano Junction S10Ep05

The Government wants to take the market women's land for a tree planting scheme, Karis' business is doing well but Nancy is furious. PP faces Bernadette to tell her the news of his marriage.
Makutano Junction S10Ep04

Toby is getting bullied at school. and PP freaks out when he wrongly diagnoses himself. Mulani denies Red her land inheritance because she's a woman. Mama P and Mabuki join forces.
Makutano Junction S10Ep03

Bill tries to sort out the debt that Dodgy has got their radio station into, and Nancy is demanding answers. Joseph wants to go into business with Karis. Shani and Lillian learn about contraception.
Makutano Junction S10Ep02

Poverty Saving and Debt
Makutano Junction S10Ep01

Makutano gets a new Bank, & Mama pima learns the benefits of the new bank
Makutano Junction S11Ep12

Josiah has sent Beatrice to the UK, but it was all part of a child trafficking scam. Washington re-opens his chemist, and Lillian comes back to town sworn to secrecy.
Makutano Junction S11Ep11

Florence and Toni discover the benefits of joining the PASHA digital village to help with their business, and Florence comes to terms with her epilepsy.
Makutano Junction S11Ep10

Washington and Dr. Penny's scam with health centre drugs puts people's lives in danger, they are discovered and the Health Centre Commitee have a meeting. Josiah wants to send Beatrice to the UK.
Makutano Junction S11Ep09

Inappropriate teacher behavior and guide to what is acceptable.
Makutano Junction S11Ep08

Joseph's plan to illegally divert Makutano's water supply is causing a drought, and the community demand to know what's going on. It inspires them to set up a water management committee.
Makutano Junction S11Ep07

Nurse Kate is concerned that the health centre's supplies are low, and drug deliveries from the ministry are late...is there corruption in the health centre? Karis' school toilet scam is discovered.
Makutano Junction S11Ep06

Snake and Karis are making dodgy money out of the water shortage in town, while the girls at Makutano Primary struggle with the school's poor sanitation facilities.
Makutano Junction S11Ep05

PP shares his knowledge of the government e-registry to help Mabuki and Baraka with their business permit, and the salon girls help Bernadette surf the web on her phone.
Makutano Junction S11Ep04

Maspeedy learns about epilepsy, and the nurses at the health centre struggle with the work load.
Makutano Junction S11Ep03

PP uses Google to help the girls with their radio station. Joseph offers Josiah a job - illegally diverting community water to the Matata flower farm.
Makutano Junction S11Ep02

A teacher at Makutano Primary is moonlighting, neglecting his teaching duties to make extra money.
Makutano Junction S11Ep01

Stella has just been hired as a teacher at Makutano Primary but Bernadette questions her ability.
Makutano Junction S12Ep13

Strikes at the health center cause panic in the community, Pendo manages to save the day but her good deeds get her into trouble with the opposition, who want to play dirty...
Makutano Junction S12Ep12

More women seek advice from Lillian on banking. Fed up with the lack of funding from the Ministry, Dr Hannah calls for a strike at the medical center.
Makutano Junction S12Ep10

Lillian talks to Mama Pima and Bettina about opening a bank account and Dr. Hannah tries to introduce healthy eating to Makutano. PP stands down from elections due to rumors about his divorce.
Makutano Junction S12Ep09

Anna and Lena spot Elvis with a lot of cash and he is forced to admit to parents he took a loan because the FPE funds never arrived. Mabuki uses an SMS system to test his solar lamps
Makutano Junction S12Ep08

Washington is persuaded to stand for a different role by Joseph -- on the basis that the new position offers more chances to line his pocket. Elvis struggles with the FPE funds being late.
Makutano Junction S12Ep07

There's a new headteacher in town who pledges to secure FPE money to improve the classroom. Shaka develops a loan scheme to help people buy solar lamps.
Makutano Junction S12Ep06

Washington rediscovers God and Pendo decides to run in the elections, with PP's party. The elections are the main topic of Makutano. Thomas worries about further education.
Makutano Junction S12Ep05

Washington uses the power outages as an opportunity to win votes, and Lena and Mabuki start selling solar lamps. The barber boys declare war on the salon girls!
Makutano Junction S12Ep04

There's a new doctor in town, who inspires Thomas to think about solar power. Snake and Josiah meanwhile, steal electricity from the Makutano supply, causing blackouts.
Makutano Junction S12Ep03

Mabuki sets up a political party, Bill runs for council, Joseph is Matata's election manager and Washington has plans to run for power too. So what are the rules in party politics?
Makutano Junction S12Ep02

PP is on a mission to convince young people that elections are important, he ends up agreeing to stand for governor! Thomas is recovering from smoke inhilation, highlighting the dangers of kerosine
Makutano Junction S12Ep01

The opening of PP's youth centre almost ends in disaster when a disfigured Joseph sabotages last minute preparations and Mabuki reveals he is standing for governor. Decentralisation -- what it means.
Makutano Junction S13Ep12

Washington gets into trouble for practicing fake healing, but escapes charges. The community ask about Beatrice's whereabouts. Karis and Dr. Hannah have a confrontation and love is in the air in MJ.
Makutano Junction S13Ep11

Karis has ideas to cash in on his relationship with Mabuki, while Elvis continues with his learning classes with Florence and Toni. Thomas tried his luck Lillian, but to no avail thanks to Shani.
Makutano Junction S13Ep10

There is a new cop in town, but all is not as it seems. Is he as clean as the Chief? The community get together to help Anna and Josiah. Mabuki is looking for a political adviser, will Karis succeed?
Makutano Junction S13Ep09

Shaka gets on the wrong side of the market women when promoting Nawiri Dada, and has to work hard to convince them to keep their bank accounts. Hannah's campaign for a healthy Makutano continues.
Makutano Junction S13Ep08

Tony and Flo need to come up with a plan to keep the Cyber going when PP decides to sell it. Bill, Frankie and Dodgy try to get people to sign up for their poverty relief scheme but it backfires.
Makutano Junction S13Ep07

Margaret plays detective when money goes missing from her phone, Snake tries his best to impress Lena and Thomas sorts out his own girl problems.
Makutano Junction S13Ep06

The election results are announced and the community celebrate a peaceful election with their new leaders - but will Joseph and his sinister team manage to ruin it? Pendo's future takes a double twist
Makutano Junction S13Ep05

It's election day. The campaigning is over and Matano is keen for everything to go peacefully, but will Joseph manage to pull one last trick? Thomas, Eva and Lillian turn to Elvis for advice on voting
Makutano Junction S13Ep04

Worried that they are losing votes, Joseph comes up with a drastic plan with Washington and Snake - but is the Chief one step ahead? Exam results are out and Eva and Thomas must think about the future
Makutano Junction S13Ep03

Bettina has second thoughts about her campaign for women's rep, Bernadette opens a bank account, and Washington enlists Snake to help him get revenge on Matano. Mama Pima makes a shocking discovery...
Makutano Junction S13Ep02

Worried about Mabuki's popularity, Washington uses his position in the church to incite hatred and get more votes. Mama Pima and Bettina are having banking troubles, and MJ's favorite doctor returns.
Makutano Junction S13Ep01

Anna overcomes her fears, and her husbands, to open up a bank account. Pendo refuses to drop out of the election campaign despite being kidnapped and beaten by thugs from the opposition.
Shamba Shape Up - Maintaining Healthy Chickens

Treating your chickens with antibiotics and preventing parasitic infection. S01Ep05
Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep06 - Vijana Tusome

Stevo is asked to teach class two and discovers that the pupils can hardly read and decides to tell their parents.
Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep05 - Outbreak

Aflatoxin. Learn the proper ways of storing your maize to avoid aflatoxin
Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep04 - Baby Shower

Nancy goes through a terrible time after consuming maize contaminated with aflatoxin
Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep03 - Clarity

Planning for a successful marriage. Nancy and Shaka make plans for future together, Thomas and the barber boys decide to form a band
Makutano Junction Sn14 Ep02 - The Graduate

Education, Stevo, Mama Pima's Son is back as a graduate and Mama Pima is very happy and proud but Stevo has a big secret.